Anyone Else S Little One Not Have A Bedroom Of Their Own

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ImpatientMommy - May 30

This kills me. My daughter, who is 11 months old, does not have her own bedroom. We live in an apartment under my in-laws house and it is a really nice apartment, huge kitche, huge living room etc... but one bedroom! The garage that is connected to our apartment will be converted to a bedroom which will be ours and then our bedroom right now will be Josephine's own personal bedroom, I can't wait, unfortuantly I thought this was going to be done by now, or atleast by the end of June but now it looks like sometime this summer, don't know when but hopefully definitely by the end of this summer. But it's so frustrating to me. I know it seems like it shouldn't be because it will be fixed in a few months, hopefully not any longer than that, but you have to remember I've dealth with this for 11 months now. I would love to know I'm not the only one in this situation. I just really want her to have her own space. I picture what her room will be like all the time and I picture having our living room back somewhat because there are just so many toys, playard, jumperoo etc. and like half this stuff or more can go in her future bedroom and it'd be so much nicer. Our bedroom is so cramped right now even though it's a good size room! We have her crib right next to our bed like a foot away so basically on either side of our bed we have like a foot wide walking space because we have to cramp so much in there, I just CAN'T wait for her to have her own room.


melissap - May 31

I hear you. I have 3 kids and we have 2 bedrooms. My 2 oldest boys share and I have the baby in our room. It can be inconvienient. Our rooms upstairs and quite large and can be reconfigured. Also the stairs come up in our room as well so another renovation will have be in the works.


mommybabyboy21 - May 31

Bedroom I live in a studio apt with my almost 1 year old SON. Of course its just the two of us but I am looking to save so I can move into at least a one bed room if not two.


pueppschen - May 31

i have a 11 mo, and though she has her own room, but she co-sleeps with us, and i am planning to do this for a while now (atleast for another year).


docbytch - June 1

You are not the only one. We live in a house...but right now there is not another room to spare. My two freakin skids have their own rooms....but our 7.5 mo son does not. He sleeps with us. DH and I are at odds right now over some issues related to a room that currently is not occupied by anything other than two chairs and his big-a__s TV I can't stand. Plus...our carpet is sooooooooo gross...he lets his dogs go on the furniture....everywhere but outside enough. The place smells like his stupid poodles. We are looking into replacing all of our carpet and he is just about ready to cave in to the idea that his TV can go out in the garage or nowhere. Our boy needs his room to call his own and a place we can put his things. His stuff is spread everywhere too and it drives me insane. I just wish he had his own room will be hard getting used to sleeping so far from him. the room that will become his is all the way at the opposite end of the house because we live in the mother-in-law on the opposite end of the bedrooms. Don't feel bad. It's hard! Funny for me....when my dd was his age (she is now 21 and out of the house)....SHE had no room of her own either!! And I was a helluva lot poorer back then. WTH?


marie8 - June 1

We live in an apartment with 2 rooms...DD # 1 (2 years) have her own room and DD # 2 (3 months+) is in our bedroom..My husband & I sleep in different room with the kids depend on the need or on living room sofa...Just have to deal with it since can't afford a home right now..If "big if" we have # 3, I don't know what we gonna do as the current apt rent is very cheap..


jen327 - June 1

I know how frustrated it must be, with my 12 year old I lived with my parents and my son shared a room with me. Now I live in my own house with my two boys and my husband Our DS, 10 months, co-sleeps with us, his choice and the only thing I do in his room is get clothes, we change him in our room, he sleeps, everything. I had all these great plans for rocking him in there, singing to him, and life just took over. Sometimes though it is hard to get past something that bothers you so much. But keep your chin up and try not to let it bother you too much. Just changing your daughter to her own room will probably be work, she is used to sleeping near you. Trust me, tonnnnnnnnnnns of people have cribs in their room because it is easier. I know how frustrated you are because it has been so long, but she will have no memories of where she slept. Good luck and I hope it happens soon.


Crystal83 - June 1

I'm in the same boat too! I have 3 dd's and the 2 oldest share a room and Dh and I have the LO with us in our room. We are living in my in-laws bas____nt right now while our house is being built. It's been almost a year and it's really starting to get to me, mainly because I can't wait for my house to be finished so I can feel at home in my home again, lol. Also, I've never had to share a room with one of the kids before until the youngest was born, her crib is barely a foot from my side of the bed, just enough room to walk. She's 9 mos. old now and it's starting to get irritating. Especially when hubby and I are trying to have time alone and we turn to see her standing there watching us! lol. Also, I've trained myself to get up as soon as I hear her moving around so I can get her paci into her mouth and make her comfortble again before she wakes up completely. I hope she doesn't get too used to this, cause it'll be a pain when she has her own room in the new house. So, yea, you're not the only one. Don't worry you'll get your privacy back soon, and it'll be fun to decorate a room for the LO!


tish212 - June 1

i was there, our house has 4 bedrooms and we only have 1 child however 2 rooms are set up as guest rooms and are packed full of over run from our room (dressers clothes chairs etc) and the room for dd was filled with boxes that we never opened when we moved...we FINALLY moved most of the boxes out...and have dd crib in there and her dresser and a rocker, but there are still a few boxes in there and it drives me crazy!! I want to paint her room and get it done (she is 5 months old now) and her room just looks like a junk room with a few baby items in it...i keep begging dh to take the boxes out and put them in the garage...and yet they are still sitting in there...i began asking when i was 3 months preg...and well it didn't happen quickly at all.... and its still only half done! uggggg so i realize i have a room for her...but she may as well be in a storage room poor thing... and it is soo hard to walk around in make more room i had to move her dresser into her closet (its a walk in dh and i don't even have a closet that big!) and there still isn't much extra room...i want to have 4 kids, but have NO clue where they would all go since i think kids deserve their own rooms to have their own space to go to when they need "me time" so i guess one day we may have to add on to my house... ugggg i hope it straightens out for everyone...


iemc19 - June 2

Haha Tish - you made me smile...I have 4 kids, 5 bedroom house (one room we use as a playroom though still), our youngest still sleeps in our room..he's almost 15mths!! He's in his own cot but we like them to stay until they hit the big bed...But what made me smile was the bit about kids wanting their own space...There are days when I wish I hadn't wasted my money on decorating kids rooms, buying beds...They all want to sleep together - on the floor!!! And its not like they're the same age - they range between 13 and 4!!! It drives me loopy , I have the same arguement every night..unless its a weekend - forget


socurbaby7 - June 2

yep, i'm right there with you... im living with my parents with my dd who is 5 months old... i don't live in the bas____nt but on the third floor of a victorian house... and it's just a loft up here... so i have my bed, a half bath, and a living room space which i halfed to have the babys crib, changing table and rocker and the other half of the area has my couch a tv an my computer area... it's a cramped fit... but i'm dealing... i dont have the money to move out on my own right now because I am still in college so hopefully when i graduate I will be able to get a place of my own... but it's difficult cause i love it here... but it sucks cause laundry's in the bas____nt, i share the kitchen etc.. and since i am home with the baby everyday i am expected to clean the whole house (even tho i really only use where me and my daughter are).... o well ...


tish212 - June 2

iemc19- thats funny i remember those days growing up...when i was 16 at home i had bunk beds, a full size bed on the bottom and twin on the top and my little brother who is 7 years my junior would always wanna sleep in my room...and he usually ended up in there anyways, but i still know there were time i wanted my space...(but i guess since we had our own space we didn't mind eachothers company lol) whats bad though with my house is that the other bedrooms are so small!!! if we have to put 2 kids in one room it would HAVE to be bunk beds and then i have no idea how we would fit other things in there...we live in an old house where the rooms were built small, our house was built long before indoor plumbing (and yes we have an old outhouse still lol not used but its there) so when they got indoor plumbing they transformed a closet into a you can imagine how small our bathroom is lol...i love our house i just wish the rooms were bigger....but after reading other peoples responses i am so happy we moved her before we had dd, since before we lived in a garage apartment at MIL house...and while it had a good amount of room it would be terribly cramped adding a baby and all her stuff into it! who knew kids have SOOOO much, my living room looks like an extension of her room, with a play pen walker, ba__sinet, bouncer and swing... lol...ah well


Crystal83 - June 2

iemc19- My 2 oldest kids are the same way. My 4 year old asks me everynight if her and my oldest, who's 7, can pull out the hide-a-bed and sleep together on it and watch movies. I told her only on the weekends, because my oldest has school. So then she asks me every night if it's a school night and when is the weekend coming! lol.


iemc19 - June 2

LOL - my 4yr old now declares EVERY bedtime that he hates nursery and isn't going, so can he NOW sleep with his big sister and brother??? I keep waiting for my 13 son to declare his rrom a no-go area but secretly he loves it still...My 8 yr old daugher is going to be the first to quit the habit - but no surprise there , she loves her girly things too much.....:-)


iemc19 - June 2

Tish212 - our old house was like that - you would sit on the toilet and your knees would be hitting the door...Ouch I remember the LOs charging in and crippling me!!! haha


tish212 - June 2

iemc yeah thats how it is kinda you sit on the toilet and hit the sink in front of you and reach to the right and grab the tub reach to the left and touch the its a cramped area... so i have something to look forward to when she can walk huh??? lol



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