Anyone Else S Lo Turning 1 This Month

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krnj - February 5

Just wondering! Christian will be 1 on the 28th. I'm still trying to figure out what to do for his party.


jb - February 5

Bridget is going to be 1 on the 11th. We are just having a small party at my parent's house.


melissa g. - February 5

my dd turns one on the 16th -- we're just having a few friends and family over -- I'm from Hawaii originally and if we were there, we'd be having a huge b__wout -- the one year birthday luau is a HUGE deal in Hawaii, my girlfriend had 150 people at her dd's first b-day! But we're in the Northwest now and just having a smallish get-together to watch the baby smash her cake and open presents.


grendelcat - February 5

My dd is one on the 22nd -- we are having a small party -- about 15 people (about a third kids). Nothing special but cake and love!


jessb - February 5

My dd is going to one on the 7th!!! Oh my gosh, that is a few days away!!! I still am in complete shock thats its been a year. I dont want her to grow up :o( We are having big party this Saturday, we have a big family plus several friends with children so they are invited too. Its going to be about 30-40 people. Yea, we spent about $500 on the party so far. Well I guess your first babies first birthday only happens once, might as well make it memorable.


Topaz - February 5

My dd turns one on the 10th. Unfortunately, my kitchen is in the middle of a remodel, but a friend offered to have the party at her house. We're going to have a small get together with about 15 people, family and close friends.


Jmom - February 5

My Ds is turning 1 next month, but I thoguht I'd jump in anyway:0 I can't believe it already. I saw an adorable cake at a local baker's site, so I planned his party around that. It's a barnyard theme- so I am giving out foam visors with animal faces on them as gifts, and Gymboree had cute overalls that say BArnyard buddies on it, so it matched well:) Also oriental had some cute barnyard theme stuff.



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