Anyone Else Who CAN T Breastfeed

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Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - September 29

I have tried and tried to br___tfeed my daughter...It hurts after (not during) and a few days ago I tried nursing her and I gushed blood, enough to soak a wipe, wasn't painful...just disturbing. I want to br___tfeed SO bad, but the more and more I do it, the worse my nipples get. The lactation consultant has no clue what it could be. Just need to know I'm not alone...I hate giving up, but when I seen blood in my daughters mouth I couldn't bring myself to nurse her again. I have a pump, but its a stpid hand pump and my daughter gets mad if I hold er and pump so its really hard to pump


KimS - September 29

Nerdy_Girl, not everyone's bodies are capable of b___stfeeding so don't beat yourself up!!! you could also try a nipple shield, it's a piece of silicone you buy at the drug store or at Babies R Us it goes over your nipple, protects it.. I used one for 3 months... it might be worth a try.. but if you can't bf then you can't and feeding your baby formula is the best thing for her!!! GL


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - September 29

I have never gone without the nipple sheild...I use one EVERY time since she was born. I couldn't imagine going without it and seeing how bad I would have bled....not to mention, I still bleed a little when I pump, does that mean my nipples are just to sensitive to the sucking and pumping?


KimS - September 29

I don't know.. have you talked to your doc? maybe try bf every other feed? this would give your nipples a break and you baby would still get some bm, FYI, I used the shield too until 3 months when he all of a sudden latched on his own... one of the down sides of the shield is that they tend to decrease your supply since the suckling isn't as efficient... I was able to bf at least half of the time until 6 months, but always supplemented a little.. remember that any amount of bm is awesome so what ever she has already gotten is great.. but do what is best for both of you! Kim


pregnantjackie - September 29

oh my goodness, the blood would freak me out too. I think you should get a second opinion from another lactation consultant. If you do it right it is not supposed to hurt. My mom told me that her b___sts bled with us, but I have yet to feel pain at all. I would definitely get a second opinion. Does your daughter take in the whole nipple or just the center? I know they are supposed to take in the whole thing and it can hurt if they don't...


jen327 - September 29

Nerdy GIrl, try a nipple shield before you give up. I have used one for 9 weeks because DS was in the NICU for two weeks and used a bottle. I have flat nipples too and he does not latch on right. It is b___stfeeding too and your baby gets your b___stmilk but it keeps your nipples from hurting. My friend uses one too because of bloody nipples.


wailing - September 29

Aww. That sounds terrible. If u still want to try, then go to another consultant. But, if it's too much stress then forget it. The only thing u can do is try and in the end u have to do what is best for both of u. U are supposed to be enjoying this time w/ ur lo...not suffering:-(


countrymom401 - September 30

I wish the best of luck to you. It sounds terrible. I would try a shield and get a 2nd opion as well. Just remember that as long as your baby is eating wether it be b___st or bottle that is all that counts. I haven't had trouble but my sister has had a hell of a time. She has switched to formula and pumps a bit and mixes it in. you can bottle feed with love just as easily as b___stfeeding. You are a wonderful mother no matter how you feed your baby!


Val - September 30

Nerdygirl - gushing that much blood definitely doesn't seem right. I would check with your doctor. I had nipple wounds (deep cracks, etc) for the longest time (but no bleeding), and the only thing that helped was a prescription nipple ointment. You may have some sort of bacterial or yeast infection, and the ointment may be able to help that. Also, you said your nipples hurt after feeding... have you noticed if they turn white, and if it's worse if you are cold? If so, that may be something called Reynaud's phenomenon, and Vitamin B6 can help that. Like the others said, don't feel bad if you have to sounds like you have been trying really hard... I know how tough it can be (I was really close to quitting several times during the first 3 months even though I really wanted to bf.) FYI - before I was pg, I had blood coming out of one nipple... it turned out to be nothing, but it's good to get it looked at... it may just be that your baby's suction has done some damage inside the nipple, and you may just need some time to heal it. An electric pump may be easier on your bbs than the manual... maybe you can rent one? Good luck...


DB - September 30

When my dd was first born I had, what the LC called "rusty pipes" ducts had blood in them, they didn't know why, but it only lasted a few days. Maybe you have something similar going on?? Although mine was not a painful situation....Maybe rent a hospital grade pump for a month or two so she can get more bm if you can....otherwise don't beat yourself up over it..You've done the best you possibly could in this situation :)



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