Anyone Elses Baby Not Have Teeth Yet At A Year Old

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Natalias Mom - February 18

Who else has a baby with no teeth still at a year old?or close to a year?


Joanne - February 19

We're at 10 months with no signs of teeth yet


SonyaM - February 19

We're on the opposite end of the spectrum. My 16 month old has so many teeth I can't count them. (not sticking my fingers in his mouth). He has more teeth than any baby I have ever seen. It's really odd. I would guess he has about 14 teeth already. WHen he wakes up from his nap I am gonna take a better look and try to count.


Natalias Mom - February 19

Wow that is a lot of teeth LOL !!


olivia - February 19

my dd went to 11 months no teeth, got 6 teeth that month and finally just got one more at 18 months. she seems fine with the few teeth, she eats everything!


SonyaM - February 19

Okay, just counted and yep it has 14 teeth and two more coming in-crazy!!!!


AmandaManns - February 19

My boyfriends sister has twins and they are 14 months old and the little girl only has her 2 bottom teeth and the little boy has no teeth at all. I think at 14 months I would be a little concerned if he didn't get teeth. My son is 14 months and he has 8 teeth working on getting one of his molars which will make 9!!


sahmof3 - February 19

My dh's brother's kids (they have 5) never got teeth until after a year, but I can't remember how long after a year. My dad's a dentist and he once had a lady bring in her 18 month old who had no teeth yet. He said to give it another 2 months and then he might try to get some facial X-rays lined up. Her son started teething at 19 1/2 months and they all basically came in at once. That's the only case he ever saw like that... then again he's not a pediatric dentist. He sees quite a few children in his practice, but his practice isn't specifically geared toward children.


Natalias Mom - February 19

Everyday I think that one is coming in but nothing. Someone also told me that b___stfed babies take longer to get their teeth. anyone here this?


Steph - February 19

I don't know if the b___stfeeding has anything to do with it. My son who was exclusivley b/fed for six months had two teeth by 4 months old. He's now 7.5 months and has four. My daughter who was f/fed did not get her first tooth until well into her 9th month. I don't think it's anything to worry about. :o)


Natalias Mom - February 20

Oh I am by no means in a hurry for her to get her teeth. I am afraid she will try to bite me while she nurses. OUCH !!!


shelly22 - February 20

It's so weird how baby's are sooooo different!! Like my nephew was toothless at 1 year and my son turned 1 a couple days ago and he has 12, including 4 molars already in! Natalias mom, enjoy the peace and quiet! LOL


Natalias Mom - February 21

I guess I spoke tooo soon, seems she is cutting a tooth now, she is really cranky and I can feel the little bugger coming threw the gum, my poor little princess, I hate to see her in pain.



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