Anyone Elses Baby Not Rolling Yet

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ren05 - July 3

hi all, just wondering if some babies are late at rolling or skip it all baby is just over 5 months old & cant roll either way.He can sit up well alone & has done for about 3 weeks, he can also drink out of his sippy cup by himself with no problems & tries to feed himself when i give him solids.everyone is telling me he should be doing it by now,i know all babies r different but just curious if any one elses bubs cant roll. ta


AmandaManns - July 3

My son is just over 6 months and has only rolled over 3 times from his back to belly, and not at all from belly to back. He did not even roll over from back to belly until he was exactly 6 months old, and now he only has done it 2 times since. He started sitting up well on his own at 5 months, no help from anyone or anything just sits there and plays with his toys, he has been able to hold his own bottle and sippy cup since 3 months, he plays patty cake, and says mum mum and uh-oh. He is starting to crawl backwards. So like you I was really concerned about him not rolling over so I asked his doctor if I should be worried and his exact words were, "not as active as he is." He told me that I would just go to his crib one morning and he would be flipped over. He also said that some babies skip it all together, which is basically what our babies have decided...they would rather sit up. So your baby sounds perfectly normal and will decide to roll over if they want. Don't listen to others tell you your child should be doing. Kale has cousins that are 2 days younger than him and they roll all over the place, but they do not sit up at all and they do not say any all babies develop different.


Dana - July 3

My dd will be 6 months old next week and has only rolled over twice (front to back). On the other hand, dd is VERY interested in sitting up. She can sit una__sisted for a little while and then slumps forward. She doesn't want to be on her back long enough to TRY and roll again. When she is on her stomach for tummy time, all she wants to do is try and move herself foward (in a crawl movement). I have heard about babies that skip certain things and just move on. I agree with AmandasManns, all babies are different, some will do things that others don't and some will just skip right to the next level. As long as your baby is happy and exploring, I wouldn't worry.


skn331 - July 3

I do home daycare and I took care of a little boy who did not roll back to front until he was 12 months old!!!! He was walking before he figured out how to do that. He is also a big boy, so maybe that had something to do with it, but everything else was on track (maybe a month or so later than "normal development" except for the rolling.


HANNAHs Mom - July 3

Your son sounds like my daughter at that age. She barely rolled either...(she is a chubby one and although I knew she could, she hardly bothered. She is now 10 months and she is rolling all over the house...and almost walking too! I wouldn't worry too much....your son sounds perfect.


ren05 - July 3

thanks for all your responses.guess they just do what they ant when they are ready.he is slightly on the chubby side so maybe thats it. Amandamanns i think thats great your bubs can say those words,must be a fast learner.


AmandaManns - July 3

My son is also a chub b___t. He was born 10lbs and now at 6 months he is 20 1/2 lbs and 28.5 inches. He is starting to slim down but still loves to eat. Thanks ren05, Kale is a very quick learner but he is also very stubborn.



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