Anyone Ever Used The Angelcare Movement Sensor For SIDS

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Mindi - May 21

I had a friend who lost her 3 month old about a month ago to SIDS. I am due in about a month with my first child and am contemplating about whether to buy the BeBe Sounds Angelcare Movement Sensor or not. If your baby stops making any kind of movement for 20 seconds, it alerts you to go check on them. I am probably being just paranoid, but I would like to do whatever I can to prevent this from happening to my baby. Any thoughts?


SonyaM - May 21

Oh my heart goes out to your friend. I can't even imageine loosing a baby this way. This is one of my many fears. I have the monitor you are talking about and used it religously with my first son. It gave me great peace of mind as he would only sleep on his tummy. My only problem with it is that once baby can move about the crib it sets off many false alarms. The sensor pad is very small and if baby gets off of sensor pad the alarm goes off. This happened many many times and scared the absolute c___p out of us plus it would wake up my son. I only used it with my second son breifly. I am always curious about sids deaths with the back to sleep campaign. If you don't mind me asking was her baby sleeping in his crib, with bedding, on tummy, co-sleeping, etc. I just have always wondered if there are still babies who die from sids that sleep on their back. I will send up a prayer for you friend to help ease her pain. Good luck with your little on.


Mindi - May 21

Thank you for your message. My husband thinks I am going overboard with wanting to get a monitor, but if I can give myself a little piece of mind, I think it is better. He was actually at daycare, sleeping on his back, and then just pa__sed away. I just can't imagine what they are going through. I guess it's just one of those things that they truly don't know what causes it or how to prevent it. My nephew and another one of my friends could only put their baby on their tummys to sleep. It helped with colic and acid reflux. So, who really knows what the best way is.


twist - May 21

We use the angelcare monitor, and we wouldn't be without it now. Our son has reflux, so it worries me he may choke while he's asleep, but I know that the sensor works well, anytime we take him out of bed and forget to turn it off, the alarm sounds. You have to make sure the sensitivity isn't set too high though, movement in the house, or even traffic outside can be picked up as movement and the alarm wouldn't go off if something happened. We used a sleep positioner with our son until just recently because even at a couple of weeks old he used to wriggle all over the cot, so he was never able to move off the sensor pads. I feel for your friend, it's impossible to imagine the grief she must feel.


AmandaO - May 21

I too am terrified of SIDS and we got the AngelCare movememt sensor. My husband and I both sleep so much better knowing its on. We have a false alarm about once a week because our wiggle worm gets himslef in a far corner of the crib, but it doesn't even wake him up. The first time I was terrified, but now when I hear it I just go in an d reposition him. We love it and wish we had it from the start.


Mindi - May 21

You guys have given me lots of good imput and I am going to order one today. It sure wouldn't hurt anything to get one. I will be using a sleep positioner as well, so hopefully that will keep our little guy from moving around too much in the beginning. Thanks.


HannahBaby - May 21

I think you are not going overboard. I didnt let my daughter out of my bed until 9 months that how paranoid i am!! And after that the only way that i would let her in her crib was with a camera monitor right over her crib. I think you can never be too safe and if it makes you feel better, you are not going overboard


JEN - May 21

I could not live without this monitor. My ds suffers from acid reflux, so he has always slept on his tummy. Everything was fine in the basinet, but we did have several false alarms after moving him to his crib- but it has been worth it!!!! You can adjust the sensitivity, so eventually you get it right. It does give you GREAT piece of mind. You can find it at babies r us--- FYI. Best wishes!


ash2 - May 21

hey mindi, try sleeping with a co-sleeper like a ba__sinet instead of a crib so far away. that way you can keep an eye on her at all times. also, did your friends baby have any other health problems such as colic, acid reflux, or athsma? i cant believe it just died sleeping on its back.... did the daycare do something or did they do an autopsy ? i understand the risk of sids , but usually there are other factors involved.... did they have a blanket around it's face?? sory so many questions, just wondering if any of these could have been it.



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