Anyone Familar With Hand Foot And Mouth Disease

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BWIND - December 25

DS had a fever that started last Friday. He still has a low grade fever tonight....I took him to the walk-in clinic MOnday and he said it was Hand, Foot , and Mouth Disease. He has a rash on his butt, calves, and hands. How long does this last? He's had symptoms since last Friday. We are supposed to leave for Florida on Thursday. I think he's feeling better and the fever comes and goes. He also has really red watery eyes with white gooey stuff in them. Is this also a syptom or could it possibly be pink eye? I don't know if I need to call his pediatrician or not about the eyes and the fever. Anyone have advice about this? The doctor didn't give him anything for it....said it was viral and it would run its course.


kimberly - December 26

My oldest son had that when he was 3. He just had the rash and fever. He was also throwing up a lot. It lasted forever, I think he was sick for atleast 5 days, maybe a week. He never had anything wrong with his eyes. It is miserable, I hope he feels better soon!


crrodgers - December 26

My daughter had it when she was about one year old. It was horrible. She ended up in the hospital because she got soars in her mouth and couldn't eat or drink! She became dehyrated and was given an IV for fluids. She stayed in the hospital overnight. It all went away after about 1 week. Good luck!


lin7604 - December 27

my son had it too when he was a few months old and it was terible. He also got the sore in his mouth and didn't want to drink formula. He had rashes on his back, legs, face, neck and tummy. He was really sick for 5-7 days too and was terrible at night, several wake ups not being able to console. IT was a very long week with no sleep for either of us! My ds had nothing witht he eyes either i would take him in for that especially since you will be going out of town. That isn't a normal side affect of H,Fand M.


wailing - December 27

My friends daughter caught it at daycare. It's VERY contagious. It lasted about a week and half. She also just had fever and rash and nothing wrong w/ her eyes. Sounds like ur lo could possibly have pink eye too poor thing:( Her pedi said she wasn't contagious and allowed to come back to daycare when fever subsided for 48 straight hours



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