Anyone Find Out Gender Was Different After Birth

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Concerned - December 19



Kristina - December 19

LOL I was told Tasia was a girl and I was so paranoid it would be a boy stuck with nmothing but pink! But thankfully it was a girl. My step sister on the other hand..they told her 100% it was a girl and it came out a boy! haha


concerned - December 19

Wow Did they see the infamous three white lines in your stepsisters case


Jbear - December 19

With my first daughter, the picture they printed out for me showed her looked just like it did when she was born. With my second, the doctor couldn't tell with the first ultrasound. He did another at 30 weeks and said he was pretty sure she was a girl...then I had to have another one in the hospital with a fancier machine, and it was obvious it was a girl. If you're really worried, leave the tags on the baby stuff, and you can exchange it if it's for the wrong gender.


bump - December 21



TC - December 21

It happens. That is why the technicians don't say that it is 100%. When I had the ultrasound with my son we clearly saw his winkie. He was very *excited* to have us look at it. If you know what I mean. I have a friend however, that was told that she was having a girl and then was told that she was having a boy. Her shower came and she had so much blue stuff only for the baby to come out a girl. Needless to say that little Natalia has enough blue to last her through infanthood.


Nini - December 22

Technology has gotten better cause with my 6 yr old they told me a boy 2 times and boy were they wrong.With my 5 month old they told me a girl 3 times and when she came out the doctor said"oh boy it;s a girl"So they were right.


Celia - December 23

I would really like to know if this has happened to anyone


My answer - December 24

I had my "find out the s_x" ultrasound at 20 weeks with my second child. We really wanted a boy because we already had an 18 mo. old girl (however, a girl would have been easier due to all the clothes, etc... that I still had). We were told "girl" when we had the scan. I asked the tech about the umbilical cord because it looked like it was between the baby's legs (looked almost like a p___s to me!), but was told that it was just the cord and it was "90% positively a girl". OK... go home and sort through all the clothes, put up the pink curtains, get out the pink blankets... The big day arrives and the baby comes out, and the nurse announces "It's a boy!". My mother reached down and tried to pull the blanket off him to see the "proof" that it was a boy and the nurse wouldn't let her. The only vision I have is the nurse and my Mom getting into a cat fight above my head over the baby. My husband yells "It's a boy!" and RUNS from the room... where the heck is he going?! (I found out later that his parents were pulling into the parking lot and he was going down to tell them). This was huge news for his family because there were already 8 grandchildren (who all happened to be girls!). When we finally got home later that day, I had to go through all the clothes and bag them up (there was only one lone outfit left in the closet... everything we had was very girly). That one outfit was good for a 1/2 hour crying jag! I was an emotional wreck! I was so happy to have a boy, but really had mentally prepared for a girl. We hadn't even discussed boy's names after the ultrasound and had picked the girls name. On my son's first leg band, it actually says BG (Baby Girl) and then our last name. I still have it. In his baby box, there is his arm band, the original outfit (very pink) I bought to bring him (her) home in, the pink hand stamped birth announcements that I have made and addressed already (I only had to add the time, date, weight, etc...). I did get lucky and found a stamp that was a circle with a line through it after he was born. I used it to stamp over the "She's here" part on the announcements and then added a cute little note saying something like "life is full of surprises and our surprise came in the form of a son!" I wasn't about to have to redo all those announcement from scratch!! Sorry about the long post!!


Lisastar9 - December 24

Great story MY ANSWER Hope you have lots of boy's clothes now.


My answer - December 25

He's 9 now... so no worries about the clothes (wish I could get him to wear long pants instead of shorts - it IS December after all), but he's definately not wearing pink anymore. (He did wear pink onsies and jamas for a couple months after he was born). Funny... he doesn't seem to appreciate that story very much! LOL! The moral of the whole rollercoaster ride is that I couldn't forget about the girl I was "supposed" to have and we ended up having another baby 4 years later! I'm not even going to find out what this one is because I don't want to go through that again!


jenny32 - October 30

You know this can also be an issue with birth announcements. I know that some places, like if you pre-order you can change your card after the baby comes. so no gender risk.


ChattyKathy - October 30

For my baby's ultrasound, it was REALLY obvious he was all boy. I don't think something like that is very common these days, especially since ultrasound technology is getting more advanced.



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