Anyone Finding Moving From 2 To 3 Children Challenging

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kimberly - September 19

I just had my third baby, a little girl! I have two boys 8 and 4 and now my 4 week old daughter. I thought going from 2 to 3 kids would be fine, because well I have done this before, right! I was so wrong. My 4 year old is a very active little boy and my 8 year old is playing football this year and has lots going on with that. I am just finding it very hard to keep up with it all. Dh has always worked full time, but since our dd was born he has been covering shifts, because they had a guy quit. It just seems since I have gone back to work too, there isn't a second to spare. Tell me I am not alone on this, because I am starting to feel like I am losing it!!


jeni23 - September 19

Im right there with you!!!I have a 9year old daughter,4 year old daughter, and a 3 month old son,both the girls are very active,in girl scouts,ballet and school.I work and my husband works(he works 60plus hours evey week).I feel like im going to keel over from exaughtion.


MNMOM - September 19

Hi Kimerly: I just went from 1 to 2 and find that challenging! Hang in there, it will get easier I am sure :) I have 2 boys and am thinking about going for 3 down the line - it's nice to see that someone out there got a girl on the third try! :)


kelley - September 19

Kimberly... I feel the same way. I figured that going to 3 couldn't be worse than going from 1 to 2. I have 2 girls that are almost 4 and 2 years old as well as a 7 week old little boy. The girls are both very high energy and still require a lot of attention so I am constantly busy. I do not have a zillion activities yet, but the 4 year old has just started preschool and I am potty training the 2 year old. I am a stay at home mom and I have my hands full, but I would not trade it for anything, but yeah there are plenty of nights that I feel as though I am losing it. You should not feel like you are the lone ranger I completely understand.


kimberly - September 19

Thanks girls! It feels nice to know I am not the only one!!! I know I will cope it is just so hard right now.


PaigeMeagans mommy - September 20

I am right there with ya! I have a 3 year old dd. 20 month old dd and 6 month old son and boy they all keep me running. I work full time also, so I never have a minute to spare. Seems hard to keep up with it all! I get so overwhelmed!!


kimberly - September 20

PaigeMegans mommy, you do make me feel better! Your little ones are so young still, 20 mos. 6 mos. and 3 years! That has got to be hard! It certainly is a jungling act isn't it.


GloriaD - September 20

Kimberly- you so hit my life on the head! I have a son who's 7, daughter who will be 5 in two weeks, and a two week old daughter. My hubby just went back to work Monday and I'm so crazy busy! I'm hoping its because we haven't gotten a routine yet but in the back of my mind I'm scared to admit that this is just what life is now. Maybe a full nights sleep in a few months will make it all more bearable? I work part time as a home loan officer but I go to work in January doing taxes which I do more like full time work. How in the world do people do it 4 or more kids?????


kimberly - September 21

A good nights sleep certainly would make it better! I haven't slept in 8 years!!!


PaigeMeagans mommy - September 21

sleep.....can you define that word for me?? I don't know what it is...LOL!


searfoss6 - September 22

I just had my 6th child 2 weeks ago and overwhelmed is definitely happening. Getting into a routine is the key to managing them. Luckily I am a stay-at-home mom. I couldn't imagine working full time and then coming home to do all the work there, I hardly have enough time to get everything done being at home all the time. I am lucky that my two oldest are 20 (lives on his own with his girlfriend) and 16 ( goes to school full time and works part time), but my youngest are 5 ( in kindergarten full time) 3 1/2, 19 months and 2 weeks. But there are days when they fight, pick, yell and just make me crazy(just to do it I think), but I just keep in mind they will outgrow it one day and thing will get easier. Then they hit the teenage stage and life becomes overwhelming once again. Sort of a never ending cycle.LOL


kimberly - September 22

Searfoss6, wow your 6th child!!! Thats really cool though! My dh has a son from a previous marriage he just turned 19. He is out on his own now, but he lived with us from the time he was 8 until last year. And yes it is a cycle, once they become a teen it is really hard again! Good Luck trying to cope, I know we all need it right now!


iemc19 - September 23

6 kids!! Wow!! And 4 of them 5 and under!! Busy busy!! We had no.4 6 months ago and it is all about having a good routine..otherwise I'd never get out the door! My eldest is 12 so he is fairly good at jumping in when things get really hectic...But we rarely see!...teens?? It seems to start at 10/11 now....Then we have a 7yr old daughter who tries to mummy us all, a 3yr old boy and our 6 month old son...Getting the morning routine down early was tough but had to be fone for getting kids to school and nursery/kindergarten...Now that the baby is on solids its proving tricky again...sometimes he fusses over b/fast and I'm like..'you need to eat it NOW we have to go!!!' And yeah sleep - its a precious thing! My dh doesn't get it why I crave it so much and am envious of him sleeping til 8/9am after his shift work!! Being told to wake him up so he can do the morning stuff just isn't quite the same as sleeping through without being disturbed! Only a man would make that kind of suggestion! And yes there are days when you just want to go find a corner and scream ...'what possessed me??'


StarsMoon - September 25

I'd like to add.. Yeehaw.. I'm Not Alone Either... LOLOL.. I have a stepson that lives with us just turn 13, then there is the 4 yr (boy). He loves to play with the 13 yr old. Then the 13 yo wants to fuss with the 4 yo. I never would have dreamed that the 2 boys would bicker so much, especially the 13yo over who gets what plastic army men and the cars from over 200 hotwheels. Then you throw a 4 month old baby girl in the mix. And I can't forget about 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 parrott. And then DH comes home on top of it.... DH wouldn't be so bad if he didn't act like a kid too. I feel your pain ... There have been nights before when 1 beer I just thought was not enough... I keep telling myself it'll get better and I'll get past this stage to make it to the next... LOL.. Hey.. My b___bies don't hurt anymore from BF and if I'm lucky if baby girl will give me 5-6 hours of sleep... Keep your head up and smile... :)



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