Anyone Fly With A 1 Year Old

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shelly22 - January 31

I'm going to florida in about 6 weeks and just booked my plane tix, but I'm nervous about flying with my son for the 1st time! I was just wondering how you keep them busy for that long!! My son dosen't want to be held for that long of a time and I'm nervous about a 2 1/2 hour flight, anyone else fly with a 1 year old? How did they handle it?


ConnorsMommy - January 31

UGH! yes, I did. My ds was TERRIBLE!! I flew before when he was about 6mos. but he got his own seat to put his carseat in (he's happy in his carseat).. but this last time (at a year old) he had to sit on my lap and WAS NOT happy about that at all. He had stuff to play with, stuff to eat, etc. And our flight was only an hour!! I'm NEVER flying with him again until he's 5!! lol... Who knows though, your ds might do just fine.. But my ds is VERY active, hates to be held, and will not sleep unless he's in a quiet room with no one else in it.... I had to walk him up and down the aisle a few times just to get him to calm down.


shelly22 - January 31

ConnorsMommy you didn't make me feel to confident about flying!LOL. You're scaring me!!! Anyone else?? I'm going to start praying now..... Did your ds act the same way there and back?


jas - January 31

It depends on your baby and the mood he is in that day... We are in the middle of a move across the world... We flew from Japan to Seattle, Seattle to DC, DC to Charleston and my 10 month old did GREAT!!! I went to visit my sister from Charleston to Tampa and those flights SUCKED! He hated his car seat, kept kicking his legs out and those seats are so small he he did was kick the deat in front of him the entire time... There wasn't anything I could do... It was bad. I am waiting to see what he will be like when we go back to Charleston and then FINALLY on to England... (I really hate being in the middle of a move and homeless, but that is another story)... Anyway - I wouldn't worry too much about it. Babies will be babies and kids will be kids. They will behave some days and b__w your mind the next. Bottom line... You will get through it and so will he.


SonyaM - January 31

I haven't but my friend has flown twice with her son who just turned 15 months. The first time he was about 9 months and they flew from San Antonio to Colorado and this time he was 15 months old and they flew from San Antonio to San Diego. He did GREAT both times. He is very easy going and sleeps well on daddy so they didn't have problems. I don't think my son would do well as he is just as connorsmommy described-BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!!! Good luck and let us know how it goes.


ConnorsMommy - January 31

lol, sorry shelly.. i didn't mean to scare you.. just thought I'd share my horrible experience.. lol.. i'm sure yours won't be half as bad!.. We actually didn't fly back, we drove (from San Diego to San Jose). He did better for a 9 hour car trip than an hour flight... what a weirdo!!


dee23 - February 1

everyone is right. it just depends on his mood and the type of day he is having, so u wont know til the day. dont worry too much. you will never see those ppl again, and it wont last forever. dont forget the more anxious you are, the more your ds will be too, gl :)


Topaz - February 1

I flew with dd when she was 11 months old. We flew from San Francisco to Houston, then to Gulfport. I was ready for anything and she did pretty well. I made sure she was thirsty so she would drink on the way up so her ears wouldn't hurt her. I had her drink on the way down too. I bought a new toy to take out just for the flight too. Snacks occupied her as well. She actually slept most of the flight. On the way there I brought her car seat and had her sit in it, then ended up holding her most of the time. On the way back I checked the seat and it was much easier. Also, I brought some teething tablets just in case she got fussy.


jess - February 1

i am flying friday with my 15 month old, first time.........short flights 1 hour, and the connecting one is 25 min..............heres hoping it goes ok, will fill u in on how it goes next week!! bringing snacks, drinks, toys etc! our trip back is right at nap time.....ick!!



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