Anyone Giving 12 Mo Olds Bottles Still

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ashtynsmom - January 25

My ped said yesterday at Ashtyn's 12 mo appt that she should be COMPLETELY off bottles now. We give her a sippy of milk with meals and she gets juice/water mix at snacks. BUT I do still give her the bottle before bed. It has been part of her routine so long that it has become part of MY routine as well!! The ped was VERY against this at her age, and said we needed to do away with that as soon as possible. Aside from the teeth issues... what is so wrong with that? I can see when she is older, but she JUST turned a year on Tues.... can't she have some time to adjust?? She LOVES her nighttime bottle, and if she doesn't eat well at dinner, I know she will be getting that bottle, so I don't worry so much. Am I alone here?


rl- - January 25

My ds turned a year on the 11th and he still gets a bottle he hates sippy cups I have tried several differnt ones and he does not like them he will drink out of one of them that has a silcone sippy part and that is just cause it is so much like a bottle my pedi did not even ask me if he took a bottle and he did not say he should not be on the bottle so I am keeping the bottle around a bit longer LOL and I would say you should too...


austinsmom - January 25

Hi there.....I still give austin a bottle and he is almost 13 months old. When we went to his 1 year old appt. they did not ask this question of us and though I am aware that it is recommended that they come off the bottle I am just not that worried about it. Austin gets one in the morning and in the evening and uses the sippy cup in between. I feel just fine with this and my little man really likes these 2 bottles and so do I so when WE are ready we will work on this together and do not let anyone pressure you or your lo into doing something yall are not yet ready to do. Have a great day!!


Shea - January 25

Braden turned 1 on the 15th, his appt is not until Feb 7th, but I don't really care if they tell me to take him off...he's not ready, imo. My stepson was well past 1 and still had a bottle, so I'm just going to go at the pace I feel is right.


Miriam - January 25

My doctor just said that its time to start weaning (off bottle) because they start getting really attached at this age. Its sooooo hard though...


Emily - January 25

My dd took a bottle (Of whole milk) till she was 15 mos at bedtime but then she subst_ted a sippy cup for the bottle so it is really the same thing./ I really dont see the problem. You may try transitioning her to the Nubby ones with teh silicone tops liek rl mentioned. Or keep it. It isn't worth the big fight you will likely get. I even flat out told my ped she still took a bottle at night and he didn't ahve a poblem with it. It wasn't like it was all day, just the one. Also you may try to get her to brush her teeth or let you do it (with just water or maybe even the toddler toothpaste if you feel the need) right after her bottle and right before bed. This didn't always workd for us cause (bad I knw) she took her bottle to bed somteimes,......


SonyaM - January 25

My son is almost 16 months old and is almost completely off the bottle. He still gets one about 1-3 times a week during the night if he wakes up. He weaned himself too, I really didn't do anything. I think there is way too much pressure to get kids off the bottle so early. My older son was about 2 years old when he finally gave up the bottle. I agree with you.


ashtynsmom - January 25

She does great during the day with the cup, but at night... she wants her bottle. I know it is still a comfort object for her. The ped wanted me to take away the bottle, the paci, and the formula all at once. We are done with the paci...but I am not going to let my baby girl jones for the paci and the bottle at the same time!! :)


ashtynsmom - January 25

I meant we are done with *formula*. She still loves the "sucking" objects!! ha


ash2 - January 25

I say go at your own pace ! My First DS was not off the bottle at night untill he was 2 years old ! Thats right. And he got plenty of calcium that he needed in those years too. We tried to take him off at around 18 months, but he was plainly not ready for it . And the dentist says he has perfect teeth. I woulnt bother with the statistics...


soon2bemomof3 - January 25

my 2 yo is still getting her bottle at bed time and she really doesn't drink out of it much just security and i DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS cuz I see 4 year olds sucking on pacifiers at the mall. To each his own, they will eventually get off it when they're READY!!!! It's NOT GOING TO KILL THEM, we make sure her teeth are nice and cleaned each and EVERY day.


HannahBaby - January 25

LOL im still giving my 2 year old bottles for naptime and bedtime!!! SHe wont go down without it and i dont see a reason to not give it to her. She drinks her juice out of a sippy cup but refuses to drink milk out if it so the bottle is here to stay for a while i think


melissa g. - January 25

my dd will be 12 months next month -- she still gets 4 bottles a day -- she isnt big into solids in a huge way but it getting better and better -- we'll address the issue at her 1 yr appt I'm sure -- the ped nurse said some kids get off them no prb but some kids are very attached to their bottles and you have to slowly decrease/wean their bottles so they will eat more solids -- our next step will be to go down to 3 a day. If she still is getting an AM/PM bottle until age 2, I dont have big problems with that. She gave up her binky on her own, maybe she'll do that with her bottle!


melissa g. - January 25

i forgot to add that my dd gets bottles now at AM, AM nap, PM nap and before bed. she is in the process of dropping the 2nd nap, and that is the next bottle I think we will drop.


shelly - January 25

in the uk its not a big thing to get rid of the bottle at a certain time, you see lots of toddlers with bottles here, i will be keeping the nightime bottle until ds ready to give it up,i think keep it until shes ready to give it up.


hello - January 26

I tend to agree with soontobemomof 3... my 20 month old still has it and of course she shouldn't but she wont still have it at 5 so who cares really.....Dont know how i am going to stop it, she has a temper haha........


Kara H. - January 26

Max just went to he 6 month appointment and they gave us a sheet to go off of for the next three months until his 9 months appointment. It said that they want babies completely off of the bottle by 9-12 months! I can't imagine being botttle free in 3 more months! We have intoduced Max to a sippy cup, but he is un-amused. However, we were out at walmart and he had been dealing with bad cold with lots of drainage. I noticed his mouth seemed dry so I was going to pour a little water from my water bottle in to his mouth, but instead he drank right from it like it was an adult cup! He will also drink from a straw, so I think we may completely bypa__s the sippy cup and go straight to a strawed cup.



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