Anyone Have A Swing That Plugs In

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ImpatientMommy - September 27

I've noticed that there are swings that can run on batteries AND can be plugged in. We have one that just goes on batteries and it sucks, not that she weighs like 13 or so pounds (she's 3 months) it ran the batteries down reeeeeeal low, I know because if you turn the lights on (which I don't because it'll make matters worse) they hardly even light up and the sounds just sound terrible haha you can tell there is hardly any battery left and you can hardly see the swing move at the highest speed. I know this is because she's heavier so the batteries just went wicked fast, do the swings that plug in work better? Is it worth getting one at this point when she's 3 months? I don't know how long they like to stay in them but it used to be so good for naps! I miss it!


DB - September 27

I think fischer price maybe makes one. I read about one in BabyTalk or Parentimg Magazine...I will buy that one for our next baby...We spent SOOOO much on batteries because our dd was a swing-addict!!! I would look at babies r us dot com


DB - September 27

Fisher-Price Power-Plus Plug-In Swing...found it right away at bru...$85...not too bad for how much we used our last swing..I WILL buy this next time!


DB - September 27

Oh, forgot one thing...we used our swing up until my dd was about 6.5 months old, then she started yanking on things and it became unsafe.


eclectic66 - September 28

I have the same issue as well. I have the Natures Swing by Fisher Price that swings from side to side and it's great, but the d__n thing only runs on batteries! I wish it had a plug in feature. We ended up having to buy the rechargable D batteries so that we could just recharge them and not have to keep buying new ones all the time. I think that the makers of the swings and the battery companies are in cahoots togethter to make big ;-)


ImpatientMommy - September 28

I don't think the swing works as well once a baby starts getting heavy and it's on batteries. This swing was given to us as a hand-me-down from our neice so I won't feel as bad about getting another one haha. I just think the performance suffers, I want it to SWING haha but I guess it also might be the one that I use.


aaaaaaaaaa - October 1

Fisher Price rainforest swing plugs in...


ImpatientMommy - October 2

I know that, thanks. But I was actually wondering if the swings that plugged in work BETTER than the ones on batteries.



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