Anyone Have Any Happy Stories

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Emily - February 8

I dont want to discourage people form posting sad stories as it is a great way to get things off your chest and get support and that is what we are here for. However seeing the number of sad stories, maybe we should share some good ones too!


sahmof3 - February 8

Good idea. I'm needing this right about now!! So here's one. I was going over my son's little booklet that he got from school. There was an activity- a game- where if you land on the letter R you have to say something that starts with R. So after about his 4th R, he was running out of R words, so he gets this devilish look on his face and goes, "Roundhog". It was so hilarious!!!!!


ssmith - February 8

OMG that's so funny!! Here's my happy story~~ my girlfriend cannot have kids of her own, and desperately wanted to be a Mom. So, she and her hubby were going to try to adopt a baby. Well.....they waited and waited on the adoption list for over 3 years!!! Finally, this past month, they were chosen.....and now are the proud parents of a 20 month old little boy! I am SO thrilled for her. Actually, today is the day that he is theirs to keep!


sahmof3 - February 8

ssmith... your story reminded me of a couple that we used to go to church with. They were married in their early 20's and tried and tried for a child, with no luck. They decided to just make the best of a childless lifestyle. Well, she was 42 and guess what? BFP lol. And 2 years after she had that boy... BFP again lol another boy!!! She had like 6 baby showers because everyone was SOOO happy for them!!


ash2 - February 8

I just found out that my best friend that has been trying to concieve for 2.5 years and ha had 2 miscarriages just told me she was 3 months preggo !! yay !


Danielle19 - February 8

well I won $100 on one of those lottery scratch off ticket things last night..... Yay!!!


Emily - February 9

One of my friends (it is actually my dh step cousin if there is souch a thing!) has a friend who tried and tried to get pregnant and were told they couldnt'. they put there name on the adoption list and then found out they were pregnant. Unfortunatley they lsot the baby. Then one day out of the blue they got a call and a young mother who was about to go into labor picked them to be the parents of her baby. She had a boy that next week. The baby is now 4 weeks old.....


krnj - February 9

My mom was on one of the morning shows the other day. She's a Nets senior dancer!!


Lisastar9 - February 9

Does getting frustrated with your ds's grade 1 teacher for not having a brain forgeting your child has brought back a game she is not accounting for. Geez I am so frustrated I wole up from my 4 yo ds,at 6:00am this morning and can't go back to sleep. So today I am going to pick her BRAIN.


mcatherine - February 9

All this week my son has gotten up earlier than usual. (only half and hour early) I hear him laughing and talking, so I get up and go to get him out of his crib and each morning on the walk down the stairs and while I am feeding him I have smelled something wonderfully familiar, but couldn't place it until this morning. Its my husband's new aftershave. He's been sneaking into the nursery - waking up the baby for kisses and cuddles and slipping out the door to leave for work. He tried to deny it this morning when I called him, but my son smelled exactly like that mixture of soap, aftershave and colonge that there is no mistaking for my freshly-showered husband! Anyway, its a happy story for me...


Lisastar9 - February 9

mcatherine haha funny at least you get tosmell your dhas long as the smell arrives. Update back to the above school situation. another student had the same game as my kids had,even the same ripped tear in the bag. I was right. I tole the teacher B student had the game discribed the tear in thebag and robert didn't get to bring home a game since last week on wednesday. Oh was I mad.



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