Anyone Have Any Outrageous Nicknames 4 Their Baby What Is It

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Tonia - November 9

My baby boy was born Oct. 22 and his name is Jaleel Casey Walker but I call him my Casey Bug b/c he's so tiny. My sister call him Bird which bothers my oldest two boys b/c they don't like that name for their little brother.


karine - November 9

My sons name is Jacob..and laot of people say jacob on a cob? LOL oh well


HEATHER - November 9



Toya - November 9

Asjani's nicknames are : A.J.; Lump of Sugar(pronounced "lumpasugah"; "Sugar baby"; "Tweet Toogie"; "Toogah"; Jani; Missy Poo; Cheeks


Lissi - November 9

Nadya has a list of alternative names, which we use according her mood. They are: Little Angel, Little Devil, Little Princess, Sugar Lump, Grumble Bum, Milky Mouth, Cheeky Girl, Cheeky Monkey, Chubby Bubby, Sweetie Pie and Lemon Face.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 9

Amaya has quite a few nicknames also!!! Her uncle calles her A.J. her MiMi tells her all the time "Your so pretty" so any time she says that she tinks thats her "other" name, her daddy calls her pumpkin, baby girl, my cousin calls her bubble b___t and cookie monster (she loves her some gerber biter biscuits!) and she is my little princess!


Shelly - November 9

When Jesse is cranky i call him sunshine,fussy when he is fussy,hungry man,little man,gorgeous-he smiles at that one-pumpkin,sweetie pie.When i was pregnant it was according to the size;cherry, kiwi ,apple,grapefruit all the way to watermelon lol


Racahel mommy2lucas - November 9

We call Lucas funky chunky monkey, chunkeroo, bugaboo, mommy's little man, poochie cheeks. I just love that little turkey. I tell him he is competing with the Thanksgiving turkey at 16lbs5oz. Sweet potato pie, angel baby, mr.fussypants, crabby patty. He probably will never know his name, we never call him Lucas.


Tanya - November 9

My little mans name is Andrew so he gets Ander-Roo sometimes! But mainly it is Mini Man, Little Man, Pouty Man (self explanatory), Happy Baby, Stinker Doodle, Pumpkin - OK, I could go on but I will stop!


Jadyns Mommy - November 9

Hmmm, where to start, lil punkin, punkin baby, chunky b___t, baby j, hug-a-bug and pooch-ee (which her grandma says means stinky in spanish so im not real fond of that one) hehe


Mommy - November 9

I call mine monkey b___t cause he's always climbing and my little baby I call baby WoWo cause his big brother can't say Logan so he calls him that. And daddy calls Zane Wee Dude and He calls Logan Baby Man. Those are the most used nicknames but there are lots more.


desiree - November 9

Keston has been nicknamed jazzersizer since he was 2 weeks old. Then muffin, tootsie, little bird, baby pants. the worst one is dootdadoot. Yikes...poor guy. lol


TC - November 9

Well I call my Daniel "hunka chunka honey love", "my stinka stinka what what" or "Mommy's little big boy". My husband sometimes calls him "BooBoo" "Stink b___t" (bc his facial expressions look like mine) "S_xy head" and "fountain boy" (bc he spits up on him a lot). One of my best friends calls him "Tonka" bc he was 9lbs 9oz at birth and she says that he is big, solid and unbreakable just like a Tonka Truck.


New mom - November 9

i call my son my life, love and my breath, my air and heart, his father is Italian so i call him by his name like little... the father name..


Kathryn - November 9

Nathan's nicknames-Punkin, little man, sweatheart, baby nate


P - November 9

My daughter Quinn is Booger, Roach, Twerp, Boo, Peanut (mostly), Punkin, Gourd, Squeaky, Ducky, Satan's Imp, Spawn of Satan and my sisters call her Troooooooll!, Toooooooad!(you have to imagine a grown adult screaming those two into a baby's face to get the whole effect), Booschmoo, and Suckling Piglet. Her father has other nics for her but none of them are in english so I can't write them. lol I just reread my post, God we're screwed! lol


LL - November 9

My nephew was born on October 18 and we call him Little Kenny or Kenny Boo, but his name is Shaquille. He looks like his daddy who name is Kenny.



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