Anyone Have Any Tips For Flying With A 9 Week Old

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MelissaK - November 18

We're headed to the airport Monday AM. She's a fussy eater so don't know if she will take the bottle on take off. What do you do if her ears don't pop? Can't even FATHOM how she will handle the visit with the family... argh.. what was I thinking when I booked this trip! (She is scheduled to be christened on Thursday AM - should be quite the week!!). Any tips and tricks are GREATLY appreciated!


CWeber - November 18

I took a 2hr flight with my lo when he was just 6wks old. Slept the whole way both ways, not an issue. I gave him a bottle on take off as my Dr. recommended and was going to on landing but the steward recommended not as he said it will quite often come back up. So I didn't wake him and he slept through it. Don't stress too bad. I just made a point to really try and keep him awake until we boarded the plane and then let him sleep once the plane started up.


Franny - November 18

I flew with my dd from Switzerland to CA, so a long haul. She was 8 weeks and an angel. It is actually so much easier than I imagined. I also traveled alone!


KOGreer - November 18

The first time I traveled with my son he was 11 weeks old, and we flew cross country. He was an angel. We just got back from another trip this past week at 19 weeks. I b___stfeed, so I fed him a lot on the first trip just to keep him quiet and content. This last trip he fell asleep before takeoff and slept the entire way, both legs. So I didn't get the chance to feed him on takeoff or landing, but he didn't seem bothered by the pressure changes at all. If your daughter won't take a bottle on t/o or ldg then try a paci, I made sure it was in my son's mouth just incase he needed it. Really all you want is for the baby to be swallowing during that time. The one thing we did differently this time around was I brought the Boppy Pillow with us (you might not have one if you are bottle feeding), but it worked out great. It fit perfectly arcoss the two arm rests so he could comfortably lay on it and sleep, and i could essentially be hands free. Oh, and the other thing that worked out great for us is that we gate checked the stroller and carseat so we'd have it to use through the airport. But at each gate we went to the counter and asked them if the flight was full, and the one that wasn't the agent gave us the row to ourselves so that we could bring on the carseat and my husband and I didn't have anyone sitting next to us. It worked out perfectly. (even though my son didn't spend much time in it!) I am an airline pilot, I know a lot of the tricks in the industry, so if there is an open seat they are happy to fill it. Just make sure to ask early in case they need to rearrange seats to make it happen. I was nervous the first time also, but it all went so smoothly that pa__sengers were commenting that they didn't even know we had a baby with us. Oh, one more thing, I don't know what airline you are flying on, but some ask for the baby's birth certificate, so bring it with you just in case. Good luck!!


Gretta - November 18

Bring a boppy!! That is the best tip I have for plane travel!



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