Anyone Have Babies Close In Age Please Respond

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ConnorsMommy - July 14

my dh and i are TTC baby #2 and our ds is 6 months old.. thus, putting the babies about 17,18,19, or so, months apart (however long it takes to concieve). anyway, i was wondering (for those who've got babies close in age) if it's really difficult? if so, how?... also, did you feel horribly bad about giving the newborn most of your attention after he/she was born?... how did baby #1 react to the new baby?..... sorry, for all the questions.. i just want to know what i'm getting myself into! lol ;) thanks, in advance!


sahmof3 - July 14

Hi! I have three kids. The first two are 3 1/2 years apart and then there's 17 mos. b/w the middle and last kids. I was so worried about my middle child's rxn to not being the baby anymore- because she still was a baby!! All kids react differently, but my experience was that the first two weeks after ds was born she was kind of a mess. She cried a lot, due to the fact that I was b___stfeeding and couldn't just get up and attend to her like before and she was always upset that she couldn't just climb up in my lap like before. After those first couple of weeks, she got used to it and it was fine! I don't know if the fact that I also had a 5 yo ds helps or makes it harder- it's more kids to take care of, but then again, he's old enough to get milk and cereal and things for his sister , while I do stuff with the baby. My youngest ds is 1 now and starting to play and interact with the older ones, especially his sister (the youngest two are almost the same size now- lol). It's challenging, but the older he gets the easier it's getting.


charliepaulchloe - July 14

hiya, im not in the same position myself as i am 6mnths pg now and my daughter is almost 7 but i have a friend who has an 11yr old, 7yr old, 6yr old and a 2 1/2 yr old, all girls might i add. there is only 1 yr 2 wks between 2 of them and she says she found it easier as the youngest was copying the oler one in respect of potty training and such so her youngest was easier to train. my daughter is friends with both she is in the middle of the two of them which can be a pain as they both want to be the 'best friend', she was in cla__s with the youngest in nursery but now with the oldest in primary school, can get very confusing. hope it works out for you xx


Bec - July 15

Hi, my first and second sons are 17 months apart and my little girl is 22 months younger than my second! While some people have them alot closer I consider this age gap to be fairly close! Its funny that when my second son was born I thought it was hard and I had my work cut out for me, but now after having my little girl 3 months ago I now realise having the two boys was really really easy! I don't find it is hard as such now, its just different! There are definitely pros and cons to having your children close, as with having your children spaced apart! People who have their children far apart may find its difficult because they might have a school-age child who needs to go to football practice, guitar lessons etc and they have to cart the baby around... I think it just comes down to simply adapting to whatever situation you find yourself in! I actually wouldn't have it any other way now, I'm really glad my two little "surprises" came along alot sooner than we expected! All the best in your next pregnancy!!



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