Anyone Have Irrational Fears

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sahmof3 - January 29

I have this fear of falling down the stairs with my LOs. I have no idea why. It's not so bad that it affects my daily life or anything, but I can so vividly mentally picture falling with them... it's weird. I also have the same sort of vivid visions (not real visions, like I can REALLY see it lol, but mental picture) about my kids falling on my parents' hard tile floor and knocking some teeth out or hitting their heads and getting a severe head injury. Like the mental picture and the FEELING from it are so vivid!!! Anyone else or just me?


BriannasMummy - January 29

I dont have these thoughts about my babies.. however I do have them about me. I have a horrible fear of breaking my nose. I can vividly see it happening in my head.. its a very weird thought. ~Kristin~


LisaB - January 29

ALL R+THE TIME- I thought I was going crazy until I talked to another (very level headed friend) who has a lo and she does the same thing. Last night we were driving home from a road trip with ds and we saw a over turned car that came from the other side of the freeway-the cops had just shown up and the people (we think) were still in the car I can't get the image out of my head today. I can't image living if something were to happen to my lo. Scares the c___p out of me!!! So yes I totally relate to what your saying.


LisaB - January 29

DOnt know what the R+ is sorry.


Brittany - January 29

I always get scared that someone is going to kidnap my kids while I'm sleeping, like go through their windows and take them. I always race to their rooms every morning. I also REALLY dislike going to my MILs house, she has a catwalk in her house, you go upstairs and you can see into their living room, it's a full circle (not one thats just a walkway to bedrooms, its a huge circle) it looks like a football track field and I'm scared my kids are going to fall through the rails into their downstairs living room. No offense to anyone but I think those are the stupidest things! Why couldnt' they have just made it a guest room instead of a huge circled hole in their living room ceiling. When I first met my hubby, I thought it was pretty cool but now that we have kids, I can't let myself allow my MIL to watch my kids at her house. I wish I had a better way of describing it. Hubbys little sister was 5 when they moved into that house...I'd still be freaked that my 5 year old would go over the rails and fall. AHH it's giving me chills just thinking about it...and they wonder why I don't like visiting their house lol.


cae - January 29

Sahmof I had the same fear when Ethan was just a newborn. I hated to go downstairs with him fearing I would stumple down stairs with him in my hands. Im over it now, thank goodness. Hope its just a phase for ya.


BreaunasMommy - January 29

this happens to me all the time to. Im scared to walk near water or near anything where there is a drop off. I can see so clearly my dd falling in the water or whatever its scary. Its not just that though I imagina all types of things that could happen. At first I thouhgt I was crazy but I talked to my bestfriend about it and she does the same thing so I think its normal (unless were both crazy lol) takes one to know one right! haha anyways I think it plays a major roll of being more alert and aware of things. I usually imagine these things before we do something or go somehwere so when we get there or do it I am extra carefule and watch dd very carefully. I probably sound like a complete nut lol anyways hope this makes you feel better


BreaunasMommy - January 29

omg brittany I have the same fear about someone kidnapping my dd while Im asleep dh thinks its crazy but I worry so much sometimes that I will bring her in the room to sleep with us. We have a video monitor and I turn it way up but it dont ease my mind to much. Plus my dd window is at the front of the house so thats even worse cause I cant help but thing if someone breaks in hers is the window they will come in. We have an alarm but still people are crazy these days!!


piratesmermaid - January 29

TONS OF THEM!!! Honestly, I have so many I should probably seek professional help. With just me, I am absolutely insanely terrified of storms, tornados in particular. I have a panic attack if the wind b__ws too hard and it's dark outside. Seriously. I also have a intense dislike of thick soft pillows, won't use'em. Irrationally worried that my head with sink in to far and the pillow will cover my nose. As far as my dd goes, I'm scared that (her bedroom is downstairs, ours is upstairs) that her room will catch on fire and we won't be able to reach her, I'm scared that someone will break in and threaten/hurt/kill my dd in order to get what he wants. I'm terrified of the huge tree in our neighbors yard falling on our house during a wind storm (it gets SO WINDY in WY) and hurting dd since her room is on that side of the house. I've thought about switching her room to upstairs, but the windows upstairs go all the way to the floor and I'm scared she'll trip and fall against the windows and go tumbling out (it's an old house with old gla__s windows). I could go on.....and on.....


kellens mom - January 29

Does jumping out of an indoor swimming pool count just because you hear someone humming the tune to "Jaws". (4 brothers can really traumatize a sister).


SuzieQ - January 29

I worry about dropping my dd and having her hurt her head - and I have a very hard time watching my dh carry her around on his shoulders. I think it's just an instinct thing for mothers to be protective like this (I'm hoping so anyways!) Whenever I do have a vivid mental picture like this, I follow it with a positive or outrageous outcome. For example, if I envision my dd falling and hitting her head, I immediately make myself envision her literally bouncing back up and smiling. It sounds weird, but in the past I talked with a counselor about my worries and he suggested to do it. :) lol - it seems to help anyways!


Shea - January 29

Brittany - I have something like that in my house - open railing overlooking the LR - and am so afraid I am going to be carrying ds and will trip and he will fly over the rail - ugh.


Rabbits07 - January 29

The fear of falling from high places sounds like me! The house that dh is currently building is 4 stories and the top two floors are have a big drop off, overlook type thing....the top 4th floor just has a catwalk all the way around that overlooks the master bedroom which is the entire 3rd floor....the master bedroom which is the 3rd floor is like in the middle of the house and there is a balcony on three sides that overlook to the 2nd floor. I always like to go through the houses that dh builds but that one literally made me ill. When we got up on the third floor I could visualize some poor child falling off one of those balconies and then on the 4th floor I got so shaky that dh had to help me back down the stairs!


piratesmermaid - January 29

My hubby's like you, Rabbits, scared of heights, but it's the ONLY thing he's scared of to that extreme. And of course the heights is the cause of his fear of hot air balloons, just watching one up in the sky give my hubby the shivers.


piratesmermaid - January 29

Well, heights and the fact the he saw a hot air balloon catch fire because it didn't land properly and bounced back up into the air and everything, the balloon, the basket, the people caught fire. So sad.


Kara H. - January 29

I don't know if I should say that it is a structual phobia or a fear of vibrations. I avoid parking garages at all cost. If I have to park in one I will go to higher floor just to be as close as I can to the elevator or stairs. I almost faint when I feel the vibration of a car driving past me when I am standing in the garage. I also had to leave the house almost permantantly when they were remodeling my kitchen since I could feel the vibrations in the floor from the reciprical saw and the hammering. I also got rid of my heavy dishes and got corning ware because I had the irrational fear of my new cabinets falling off of the wall. I didn't feel that way about my old ones, but I think its because I had no idea how heavy they were. I knew how heavy these were because I was there when they were delivered. I had all these same fears prior to 9/11 but the parking garage one got a lot worse after that point.


mcatherine - January 29

Want to hear something freaky? Saturday morning I went to go upstairs to get a diaper. I picked up Hudson and went to walk away and my oldest wanted to play with him - so I handed him over and went upstairs. Started to come down, but instead of walking - I flipped, rolled, bounced (a little bit of it all...) down all 18 stairs!!! All I could envision for the rest of the day was me doing it, but having Hudson in my arms like I almost did. Now, I'm scared to carry him up and down the stairs. So, I'm with ya!! I had bad visions all weekend. (I'm clumsy, btw..I fall all the time...eek! )



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