Anyone Have Sucess Not Using CIO

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Nicole1 - July 2

I have decided I really don't feel comfortable using CIO yet. My ds is only 10 weeks and has reflux...although it is under control I don't feel like he is old enough to CIO. He takes 2-3 hours to put down at night and really doesn't sleep much during the day. My Dr. said to put him down before he is asleep so he can get use to soothing himself. He just wakes right back up and cries. ANyone have luck with the Baby Whisper or any other method. I really would be interested in what worked for people.


SonyaM - July 2

The Baby Whisperer worked wonders for us. I wish I would have known about it with my first son. Although, having said that he was just not a good sleeper so I don't know if that would have worked. CIO didn't even work for him. Anyway, the Baby Whisperer works wonders. It has drastically improved the quality of our life. Good luck.


ca_pink - July 2

I understand your frustration. It used to take us anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to get our baby to, we tried the Baby Whisperer method when she was about 6 weeks old. It was too tiresome for us to constantly pick her up, soothe her and put her down repet_tively. It just wasn't good for our backs and it frustrated the baby. We also tried CIO a couple of times and that didn't work for us either. She would cry non-stop. One early morning that same week, I was exhausted, so for her 3am feeding, after feeding, changing and burping her... I put her down, she grunted once or twice and then fell asleep. We were shocked. I tried it again the next day for her naps and she did the same thing. Now, for bedtime and naps, at most, she'll cry for a couple minutes or gruntI wish I could say, we used some technique, etc. but the baby pretty much did it on her own. The one piece of advice is to try to get the baby down as soon as they show signs of being tired... we found that if we do that, she'll fall asleep immediately, if we miss the windown by even 10 minutes, she fights off sleep and gets really frustred. Good luck!


mama3 - July 2

I have never used CIO method. I have always just went with my my girls needed. My oldest was sleeping throught he night by 5 months (12hrs). If I wouldn't have moved to another state she would have stayed that way. But the move through her off for about 5 months. My 2nd had reflux problems. She didn't sleep through the night till she was 21 months. But around 14 months she only got up for me to hold her for about 1-2 mins once a night. My youngest is doing great. She is 7wks and sleeps 6 hrs staight. Twice in the past week she has slept all night. I try to only let her sleep little naps and one big nap during the day. Taking her outside for atleast 20 mins a day seems to make her more tired. Everynight I give her 1-2 ozs around 8-9pm. Then she gets her bath, clean cloths and a new diaper. I play with her a bit. Then I give her 2-3 oz and off to bed. I feel they'll sleep as long as they need to. I attempted the CIO once with my first. After about 10 mins I couldn't take it anymore. I felt like I was letting her down. So I have never done it since. I have heard alot of ladys on here say it work great for them. I think they said by night 4 there lo's were sleeping all night. That sounds wonderful but I'm just to weak to do it, lol. I have been watching my dd during the day and night and have found times were she is tired but wants to play. So I try to find different ways to play with her to wake her up a bit. Then she sleeps longer. I agree with ca_pink about the window. When you start seeing your lo getting sleepy jump on the chance to lay ds down asap. With my dd if I held them to long they would fight me on laying down. After feeding my dd I pick her up to burp then start rocking gently. The rocking motion relaxes her and she goes to sleep. If I hold her to long she wants to stay in my arms. So After she burps and her eyes close I lay her down. I guess what I'm trying to say, lol. Is just watch you ds he will let you know what he wants from you. You two will find a way to connect with bed time. Sometimes my mom puts my dd to bed. Just alittle change sometimes makes her happy. Best of Luck to you all.



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