Anyone Have The Soft Spout Gerber Sippy Cup

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Nita_ - February 7

i bought this one from walmart.It's the one with silicone nipple and handles on the side. It's supposed to be spill proof but my dd pushes/squeezes the nipple and OUT comes the water or whatever else I have inside! I thought this will be a good one to start off as the nipple is soft as a regular bottle nipple! But she barely gets anythingout of it by sipping! I wish I could return it or get some refund! this cup sucks!! I think i need to get another kind!


Nita_ - February 7

not silicone's latex nipple! My regular bottle nipples are silicone, guess that's what I was thinking about! DUH!


Heather F - February 7

have you tried the Nuby cup that is shaped kinda like a straw? Its close to a bottle but its a cup and it doesnt leak, heres a link to see a pic of what I am talking about: h t t p :// leave the dash between shop and pro all others that appear dont belong.


Heather F - February 7

of course there are no spaces between h t t p :


Heather F - February 7

btw, I got mine at walmart but they also sell it at babys r us.


Rabbits07 - February 7

I've bought those for Mason. I don't leave the spill proof valve in when he uses it, but I do for traveling and we've never had any leaks....maybe you just got a dud with a faulty valve or something.


Shannah - February 8

Nita i have the same ones you have and they don't leak at all. maybe yours is faulty try taking is back that way, so it doesn't work, walmart is pretty good about that and ask to exchange it only or get in store credit and maybe you can try another one. question....i use the soft ones too for my son he is 6 months when should i switch to a regular hard lid sippy cup? i have been using the softone for about a month so he got the hang of it.


Christine - February 8

I have bought so many different cups (I have a 4 yo and a 14 mo). I recently purchased the evenflo cups that are to be spill proof, it was a double pack and they both leaked. I e-mailed them and told them that I am very unhappy with this product, I mailed it back to them and they sent me 4 cups (2 to replace my 2 then 2 more to cover the cost of shipping). So far they have worked ok no spills unless I don't screw the lid on correctly. As I said, I have tried so many cups that it seems some leak and some don't as someone said above maybe they are faulty but it is so frustrating because they leak all over everything!!!! The ones that leak badly are those disposable ones - they are the worst. I certainly would take it back to walmart or write the mfr. and tell them - I would imagine they would replace it with no problem.


Rabbits07 - February 8

Shannah, you don't have to switch to a hard spout at all unless you just want to....there is no developmental reason for it though.


Emily - February 8

Shannah, I agree with Rabbits no reason to switch. I think my two and a half year old would still be using the soft spout ones if she didn't chew on them. We used teh nubby ones with the sliicone tops, the sippy kind not hte ones that have bottle like nipples and she would stick her finger in the slits and bite on them. THey started leaking. So we bought the Nubby ones with hard plastic lids. They are good. They can leak trough the lid if it isn't screwed on right so you gotta watch that. THey are like $0.97 at wal-mat you can't beat that!


Nita_ - February 9

I looked it up online nad it's called a learner cup and it doesn't have a valve in it..just a disc(the one that I suppose you use when you are travelling with it and don't want the juice/water to come out). I just called Gerber and they say 'it;s spill resistant not spill proof!! I was sooo p__sed off! I said, but how is she supposed to learn from that cup if it spills everytime she squeezes it! ARRGHH! I got the address to send it back, but am going to try to go to walmart and see if they;'ll give me a refund! I'm going to get the other sippy cups you suggested. One I tbought before, the spout and handles weren't lining up! So I returned it..maybe it was a faulty one. i"ll try getting another one! Here I was all happy that she's putting the spout right to her mouth and all..but this stupid design it p__sing me off! ARRGHHH!



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