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chelsey - November 7

I just got a call from the Children's Hospital. They want me to take Gabriel in once a month for an injection (for atleast 5 months), because being born a preemie, he is at risk of contracting pneumonia. Its called RSV Protection Program. Apparently RSV is something that everyone gets every winter, but babies born in July and on that are preemies, are at greater risk of complications. Anyone heard of this? Anyone agreed to do this? Sounds like a never ending flu shot to me! I dont know if I want to subject Gabriel to this! Also, being that his older sister is in preschool, he is at an even greater risk. Does anyone feel that doctors are too happy and willing to inject babies with unneccessary vaccinations? They want me to take him in the middle of this month... he is already scheduled for his 4 month immunizations anyways. I'm just unsure if this is good idea......


Karen - November 7

How premature was your baby. Kodi was 4 weeks early and I never heard of it from his doc.


Karen - November 7

Sorry he was born Aug 29 05.


chelsey - November 7

He was born July 15th... 5 weeks early. I'm in Canada, maybe this is an Canadian thing? I dunno! I never heard it from his doctor (he's got an appointment this afternoon), it was a nurse at the hospital that called.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 7

I have heard of rsv being very dangerous in the winter months especially for preemies. Don't know too many details since my son was not a preemie. My husband does not have his spleen due to an accident as a child and he has to get an injection for pneumonia every few years. I don't know if it is necessary, but I have definitely heard of it. I live in the states.


Shelly - November 7

Chelsey,i haven't heard from this,but you may want to check with an other doc just to be on the safe side.


Nini - November 7

Briauna was born july 22 and was 4 weeks early and i have nvr heard of this before.


Lisa*9 - November 7

Chelsey I phoned a friend in Calgaryand she said she has heard of ir when you do research on RSV it shows baby's born early weighting less the 5.5lbs are at agreater risk to catching an infection Here is a good site for more info.. Sound like they might have something good going up their sleves there.


chelsey - November 7

Thanks Lisa! I'll check it out! I asked the nurse to explain it to me, but she was less than helpful!


bump - November 8



BBK ® © - November 8

Chelsey another good resource for this is: RSV affects nearly all babies less than 2 yo but in preemes it can cause serious respiratory problems.



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