Anyone Here LIKE Their In Laws

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MM - February 15

Hello! It seems to me that the majority of people here don't get along with their in-laws. Maybe it is just because of the "venting" posts. So I wanted to start a thread to discuss the good things about our in-laws. I get along great with my mil, fil, sils. My parents & dh's parents get along so well, they even hang out together without us!


BriannasMummy - February 15

I usually love my in laws.. (most of the time). They are like my own parents. My daughter LOVES them and they LOVE her.. they have this special bond that noone can penetrate. They are usually very nice, good people.. however when they smash my car up and pretend it didnt happen.. that makes me a little angry.. other then that.. im so very lucky to have them in my life. ~Kristin~


mosley12 - February 15

i did for like 2 minutes. than i found they, especially mil, were lying two faced cowardly..ok i'll stop not in the best of moods right my mom and my nana get along great, and they are inlaws..your lucky you get along, i know if i did some of our problems would be fixed


Emily - February 15

I love my in laws, except my huby sil - she drives me nuts, but I love my mil and fil . Well I have two sets. my dh parents are divorced and remairred. I love my hubbys step mom. She has no children of her own and even though she didn't marry my dh dad until he and his bro was in their 20s, and his brother already had one kid, she loves her grandkids so much. I went with her to her nieces ( areally good frined of my dh and now mine) baby shower. Her neices baby is only tow months younger than my mine and I thought she would be blushing over Adi. But instead, she carried Mary around all day showing her off. Everytime someone said how pretty Adi wa or what Adi did, Carolyn would tell a story on Mary. Both her and my own mom have kept my girls in clothes. My mil (My hubby's mom) loves the girls too, but in her iown way. She isn't very grandmotherly (Or motherly to tellt he truth) but she will call us if she hasn't seen us for a while to check on us. She will ask to watch the girls once in a While. I like my fil. He isn't a baby person but does like to take lots of pics of them, but my step mil has to remind him or gently force him to hold the girls…..he is better with my two year old than with my infant, so I am a__suming once Marcy is older, he will be better with her too. My step fil is kinda morron. He is just so blah. He has to be home by sundown or he will turn into a pumkin. He seems bothered by the fact that my kids are there. Of couirse by the same token he seems bothered by the fact that his own grandchilren are there too. But in general I do like my in laws……just not my sil…or well my hubby's sil… I do not want to claim her as my anything….


rl- - February 15

OMG I LOVE MY INLAWS!! My mil, fil. and sil are just wonderful people they have accepted me and my two kids from the start they have always treated my kids as if they were family and now that me and dh have one of our own they are so happy and they spend alot of time with him they are just great loving sweet people and my mil has never put me down or made me feel bad she has never made me feel like she does not think I am a good mom and never tries to give me unwanted advice. I could go on and on about them but I would bore ya LOL...I feel not only did I get lucky with a wonderful husband I got a second family now!!


soon2bemomof3 - February 15

I LOVE my in-laws, probably more than i love my dh...LOL. My MIL babysits during the day for us for free and she works full-time nights (don't know where she gets the energy) and they are just great to my children and my dd who is 9 y/o isn't even their biological granddaughter but they just love her and treat her the same. My SIL and I are best friends now too.


sahmof3 - February 15

Overall I get along really well with my in-laws. They have things about them that can drive me up the wall, but who doesn't, right? lol the onyl one I can't stand is one of dh's sister's husband. He is loud and rude. ie: If we are in a restaurant and he think someone is too fat, not dressed well, etc. he feels free to talk about them very loudly. I refuse to go out with him at all. The rest fo them I like to spend time with. My parents and dh's parents get along really well, too. Then again they were friends long before dh and I started dating!


kris313 - February 15

My dh's mom pa__sed away a couple of years ago, but we were very, very close. We don't see his dad much and he's not very good with kids, but he's a nice guy. Dh's siblings aren't close in the traditional sense, but they help each other when needed. We're very close with one of his sisters and I talk to her almost every day. She's kind of filled the void his mom left. I call her with baby questions all the time. My side of the family is a different story. I'm extremely close to my brother (its just the two of us), but his wife is a never-ending source of drama and tension for myself and my parents. I make a huge effort to be civil for my brother's sake, but it gets harder and harder each year. I wish I could be the bigger person more, but some things are just too hard to swallow.


EMBERBABY - February 15

I love my in-laws, we all get along great. My MIL is so sweet and FIL is hilarious.


BusyBee - February 15

My FIL and MIL raised a wonderful son that is now my husband! I really think they did a good job raising him - and now I am reaping the benefits!


Erynn21 - February 15

Mine are very sweet, they are really devout which can be a little over the top sometimes, but they treat me like a daughter and always have. They have helped us out in hard times and love our dd so much. I have a SIL that can be super weird, but that's just her way. I also have a BIL who has some major problems, he just is kinda a loser, yet he is really talented, it kinda sad. My dh gets along great w/ my family, actually my dad and stepmom were the ones we didn't used to get along with, my parents had an pretty ugly divorce, so I didn't really speak to them for years. Now that we have our dd they just can't get enough, and always say how proud they are of our family. She's healed wounds I never thought could be healed, the power of children is pretty amazing. My family both mine and in-laws are great, I love them all, even my crazy BIL.


jilly01 - February 15

Me too Me too! Love my In-Laws. My husband is from a huge family and I was from a small one so it's great and fun and we always have an awsome time. The only bad seed is my BIL's soon to be wife, she is sneeky and lies alot, we all have tried to warn him but then he's young and inlove, but then hey they can't all be perfect!


LisaB - February 15

I do but my mil and fil are divorced and both live 2 hours away so we don't see them that often. My bil just got out of prison but so far hes a really nice guy but I don't really know him. I do email my mil daily and my fil whenever I have new pictures. I love my husbands family they are all actually really funny, disfunctional and nice. And head over heals over Kyler they shower him with love, presents and attention what coul be better.


piratesmermaid - February 15

Most of the time, but nobody's perfect, right?


sahmof3 - February 15

Oh my post is way up there, now, but just wanted to add... it's a good thing I get along with mine... they live right next door ;-)


Mellissa - February 15

I get along with my MIL. She does things that annoy me, but we are very open with each other when something gets on our nerves. My FIL and I used to bicker a lot, until I realized he just wanted some excitement because all of the other women in his life think he's a they agree with everything he says. lol. We still bicker a little, but it's all in good fun. I got extremely lucky with it comes to my in-laws.


srigles - February 15

My in-laws are great. Like with my own parents, we have issues and disagreements - but I think maybe that's a sign of how well we DO get along, since we can be ourselves and not hide our feelings. It's been stressful since Keegan was born because both sides have given us WAY more old wives tales and do's-and-don'ts than we can handle, but they're still great people. They've accepted me into their family and treat me like one of their own kids, which really makes me feel special, and they're always there for us when we need them. My parents get along with them too, so it's nice to be able to get together as a big extended family every now and then.



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