Anyone In A Montessori Daycare

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gurinsa - February 29

My daughter will start next week. She is 8 months old. What experiences have you had. Do you like the Montessori method? Won't the kids be "bored" without stimulating colors, etc..?


katiepoole - March 2

Just wondering what is so different about the school? What did you mean without stimulating colors? Just wondering :) There's one in my town but I don't know anything about it. You've caught my interest.


gurinsa - March 3

Its basically a program where the mission is to have the kids learn on their own timeline and without any "distractions" like big bright toys and such. Instead of a teacher leading or "teaching" the cla__s, the kids interact with each other while the teacher sits back and supervises. The kids use mats, wooden toys, and books but I think its way LESS stimulating than when she's at home with all of her bright primary color toys!!


ginger6363 - March 3

A lot kids (though they are teens now) in my family went to montessori. My family has had great experience with it. Most, but not all, the kids that went are in gifted and talented programs now. I don't think lack of stimulating colors is a big deal for a child. Children are extraoridinarily creative and imaginative---I don't colors or lack thereof makes a bit of difference.


gurinsa - March 3

I guess I was asking that if you have had experience with it...what made it a great program?


pregnantjackie - March 4

There is one by us too, I always wondered what it was. Considering television is bad for the brain because it puts images before you (as opposed to reading where you would have to use your imagination to concoct those images) it makes sense that a montossori day care would be very good for a child. Less things to distract them from 'thinking on their own' in my opinion.


ginger6363 - March 4

my dh's brother went to montessori and was doing alegra in preschool. at montessori, their philosophy is teach the kids what they want to learn on their own schedule....his brother loved math and numbers so that's what he learned, thus, he was very advanced for his age in that area. If the kid likes music, she/he'll be allowed and encouraged in music---at least that's they montessori works where I live.


ginger6363 - March 4

...the way montessori works where I live.



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