Anyone In The Snow Belt Trying To Shovel This Stuff

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sahmof3 - February 14

HEAVY! It's ice-laden! I only did 1/4 of my drive so far. Geez.... each shovel-full weighs like 15 lbs. and every time I lift it to throw it to the top of the pile it has already frozen to the shovel... so the first time I realized this I'm in like mid-throw position expecting the load to lighten but the snow is frozen to the shovel and it completely swings me around lol. Painful, but I'm sure it was absolutely hilarious if anyone was looking on. My snow-blower wasn't as tough as me today, unfortunately ;-) Just a little vent to get that off my chest!


HannahBaby - February 14

OMG we have soooo much snow!! I live in NY. We have about 18 inches already (from last night and today) and have white out conditions right now. My hubby uses the snowb__wer on our 300 foot driveway so i have no complaints with the shoveling. We took 2 year old dd outside. She stepped off the porch and she was up to her belly!! Im just worried about my hubby. He has to work tonight so if everyone reading this could just say a little prayer that he stay safe :O)


aurorabunny - February 14

Well I was just about to complain about the 6+ inches and ice we got here in MO but Hannahbaby's post made me look like a whiner, LOL. Hannahbaby I hope hubby gets there safe!! Last night my dh was 45 minutes late coming home from work because he went in a ditch and didn't have our cell phone, I was JUST SICK worried so much. This weather sucks!!!


sahmof3 - February 14

I'll keep him in my prayers! Noone else on our street went to work today except my dh. I can't wait until he gets home!!


Nita_ - February 14

sahmof3--LOL! Yep, we got some snow and THEN sleet!! So it's all iced up right now! It's only a couple of inches, but is stuck to the ground. I tried to showel in front on our main door at least and gave up after 10 mts of back breaking agony!! It's raining now, so have tons of water on top too! YUCK YUCK!! For those who going to be driving(including my dh who went to work this mrng!), safe driving!!


ashtynsmom - February 14

Yes, it is bad here, too. We got 15 inches yesterday, and we had 4-5 ft drifts EVERYWHERE!! All roads leading out of our rural town are closed. I am still at work... typing away!! ha


Nita_ - February 14

OMG Katie! Am glad your hubby came home safe though! Hope the car is alright. My dh almost went to work without HIS cell phone today! He misplaced it yet AGAIN, so I gave him mine so I can at least hear from him in case of an accident!


Rans - February 14

Oh Hannahbaby, I pray your dh has a safe night at work. I am sure he will be busy responding to lots of accidents in that kind of weather. My heart goes out to you, I can't imagine my dh being an officer, I would worry myself sick. My dh worked (years ago) for an armoured car company and I was really good about it until some co workers of his had a gun pulled on them doing a money run.....after that I worried all the time. You are one strong woman, like I said my heart goes out to you. I really hope your dh has a good, safe night at work!


AnytimeLittleone - February 14

I hear ya ladies! I live east of Toronto, and we wernt supposed to have a winter storm warning.. guess what.. it hit us anyway. I live on the lake (Lake Ontario) so Im getting the same weather system as HannahBaby, except lots of snow squals coming off the water. I swear I must have 1.5 feet out there. My lovely neighbour has an industrial snow b__wer, and he nicely cleared the sidewalks and the mouth of my driveway for me. He rocks. All today, people have been outside shovelling, while kids make snowmen.. its actually very picturesque! With that said and done.. if it could melt by tomorrow, It would be much appreciated... lol!


18wbabynov - February 14

no kidding! i have shoveled the driveway four times in the past 2 days, and to no avail! there is still tons of snow! im in the chicago area, and it is NON STOP! and HEAVY! i keep running in the house to see if 3month old dd is still napping, then run out... shovel a few feet, then run back and check... lol (o:


Rabbits07 - February 14

Are you guys planning on going somewhere that you are trying to shovel that snow out of the way??? lol.


ssmith - February 14

Hey! I am just west of Toronto.....and we got dumped on BIG time too!! I think the weather said 70cm total. Yikes. Luckily, I have no shovelling to do. I guess if there is a perk to living in an apartment (with underground parking) , this would be it!! I went out for a brief walk with dd, and in some of the drifts, it was up over my knees ~~ and I'm 6ft tall !!!!


shelly22 - February 14

I'm in Detroit, and we just got hit last night! We got about 8 inches and its soooo cold out!! I'll be in florida in 3 weeks and 6 days, the countdown is on!!


ry - February 14

I live in Buffalo we always get dumped on!


mcatherine - February 14

Shoveling on and off all day long......and d__n if it didn't just start snowing again. I quit - I'm breaking out the Baileys!


MM - February 14

I live in Hamilton, ON & we got at least a couple feet of snow.


MM - February 14

Dh is shovelling right now.



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