Anyone Know Anything About Chicken Pox

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mommybabyboy21 - January 29

Ok, on friday I babysat my friends 8,6 and 4 year old children. On sunday their mom calls me up to say they have full blown chicken pox. :( Well on Saturday I took my son to our Birthing class Reunion, so he was around 6 and 7 month olds all day saturday. My question is when will I know if my son has caught chicken pox and should I tell the other moms to look out for chicken pox. I really don't want to needlessly worry them. Thanks.


DDT - January 29

With chicken pox it will start out with a sudden fever for 4-5 days and then he will get a pimple-like rash every where on his body. These will eventually crack and burst. It will be very itchy for him. The pimple-like sores will usually diasppear within 6-7 days or if not will no longer be contagious. But the most contagious time is when they have the fever (4-5 days prior to the outbreak of the rash). It is advised to keep a child with chicken pox or suspected chicken away from other children at the first onset of fever and a week after the first appearance of the pimple-like sores. Hope this helps.


docbytch - January 29

If your son has not had chicken pox and not had the vaccine I think it's best you forewarn the other parents just in case. That's what I would do anyway


Cevvin - January 29

Fyi, children under the age of one dont get the vaccine. Not because its harmful at that age, its becuase they still have their mothers immunity and the vaccine just doesn't catch.


docbytch - January 29

Cevvin...the poster did not state her sons age, thus it is possible her son has had the vaccine


docbytch - January 29

oh well maybe the age is implied......uduh. sorry! hope no one gets the chicken pox!


DDT - January 29

Why is it impossible for a 6-7 month old to get chicken pox? Is his/her immune system always able to fight it? I have a niece that got chicken pox in her 1st year. My doctor also recently thought my son (11 months old) may have the chicken pox but it turned out to be roseola instead. He never said it couldn't be chicken pox. Is it because they were both close to their 1st year birthday?


ginger6363 - January 29

I had the chicken pox when I was 6 months old my mother's immunity did not protect me! :)


tish212 - January 29

yes a baby that young can get it... my god daughter got them at 9 months.... it can take up to 2 weeks for the virus to u may have that long to wait.... then like stated ur child will most likely have a fever..and chicken pox begins as a few small water filled blisters that quickly spread...and they will pop and feel wet if scratched and when they begin to go away as well. I really hope ur lo doesn't get it....



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