Anyone Not Make Through An MRI

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SonyaM - February 24

So I had an open sided MRI today. I wasn't worried since it would be open-sided. Well, I couldn't do it. We got about 6 minutes into and I started to have a panic attack. I felt so stupid. They were pretty nice about it and said I can reschedule and have some sort of sedation. Does anyone have experience with this?


Danielle19 - February 24

i have tons of MRI's when i was younger (they thought i had cancer in my bones, i didn't thank god) but i remember getting really scared, i never had to be pulled out but i wanted to puch the b___ton so bad, but i wouldn't worry, now you know what to expect for next time, just breath deep, and think of something nice good luck


Danielle19 - February 24

oh about sedation, i never had it with an MRI, but i did have to have it when i had a bone scan done and it was fine i fell alseep and it wore off after about 2 hours


SonyaM - February 24

Thank you, that makes me feel so much better. I just don't know how people do that. I really thought I would be fine. Better luck next time I guess.


Lisastar9 - February 24

I had one done to locate my cancer on my kidney when I was pg with my first. I did fine and I was about 20 weeks or so along. I just followed the instructions on what they wanted me to do and went with the flow. Good luck. BTW I had my kidney taken out within two weeks of the MRI


Steph - February 24

I FLIPPED out when I had to have a brain MRI. I had to get sedated because I couldn't handle being in clausterphobia set right in! :o)


SonyaM - February 24

Steph, that makes me feel SOOO much better. Isn't it amazing how your brain works??? As much as I tried to talk myself into a calm state of mind nothing worked. I hope when I am sedated I am reallly out of it.


Steph - February 24

SonyaM, the drug that they gave me was Versed (sp?). Basically it's a drug that gives you amnesia and you can't remember really what goes on at all. It makes the time go by so fast! I was in for 45min and don't really remember a thing. Afterwards, you are super sleepy, and I went to bed at about 7pm (my MRI was at 4) and slept until 9am the next day. My hubby thought I was the funniest thing ever because I apparently said some silly things! :o) Good luck with your next one, and don't feel badly or stupid about freaking out in there....I think it happens more than people realize.


Paula S - February 25

I have had at least a dozen MRI's in the last 4 years...all were of the head. You have to be very still and I normally just close my eyes and try to relax. A lot of mine I also had to have the dye, which for me was what I get nervous about. Luckily, I have not had one for about a year and a half now.


srigles - February 25

I had a brain MRI a few years back, and I mentioned to the nurse beforehand that I'm claustrophobic and have panic attacks. She gave me a pill to put under my tongue to dissolve (sorry, I can't remember what it's called), and it just made me feel really relaxed and not care about the MRI at all. No side effects afterwards, either. It worked really well for me. Good luck!


hmreyna - February 25

I had an MRI on Friday of the brain... I thought I was one of the few that have to have them but alot of you have!! I freaked out to and they had to do one of the tests twice b/c I wouldnt stay still. (My muscles have been twitching and I have some numbness in my fingers) I have been panicked all weekend waiting till monday to see if everything is normal!


ash2 - February 25

Here at the hospital we have the patients fill out a questionare before they go to an MRI, and believe it or not they have a question on there that says "Do you have a fear of en-closed spaces ? " ....some people really do have a phobia and they have to send the patients back to us and they never could get the job done. Sometimes they have to sedate them ! Dont feel bad ! It happens to alot of people !


kris313 - February 26

Sonya, don't feel stupid! I've had more MRIs than I can count. At my first one, I told them I was severly claustrophobic and they said the usual - just listen to the music and try to relax. Every time I got on the table I started crying, so they gave me a low dose of Valium. I think I was in there for a grand total of 45 seconds and completely freaked out. Like screaming and banging on the machine freaked out. They got me out and I hyperventilated and pa__sed out. Now I get sedated. :)



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