Anyone Not Religious But Still Pick GodParents For LO

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ssmith - January 17

Just wondering........?


missy - January 17

I am not a real religious person--I dont go to church every sunday but I am christian-and we had both of our kids baptised and yes we picked god parents for them!


Danielle19 - January 17

im not religious and i havn't been to church for probley 6 years and im picking godparents for my lo, reason being everyone else in my family does, but i still haven't even set up his baptism


Kara H. - January 17

We are not picking Godparents in the ceramonial sense, but we are in the process of writing our wills to determine what will happen to Max in the event we are both gone. I love my parents, but they had me late in life and I do not feel comfortable with them making all the decisions for Max as he grows up. So a close friend of mine will have co-parent rights and weigh in on all decisions and take over in the event that my parents are unable to care for him. We are also designating how the insurance money would be used as well.


rl- - January 17

yeah I don't go to church every sunday either but we had ds baptized and picked God parents too.


CaliTrish - January 17

Ditto Kara H. - we're not religious nor having our lo baptised, but we are declaring my brother & sister-in-law as legal guardians should something happen to dh & me.


piratesmermaid - January 17

My family did godparents, but my hubby's family doesn't (Southern Baptist) so we have UNofficial godparents and Gretchen'll be baptised when she's ready. We're going to do a baby dedication though when we get back to our church in WY.


Rabbits07 - January 17

Well, we ARE religious and don't have godparents...does that count? I know we really need to have some kind of arrangement in case something were to happen to both of us. How exactly do you broach the subject with someone about being a godparent? I mean what would I say exactly, ....."Hey, how would you like 6 extra mouths to feed if dh and I meet our maker at the same time?" ....LOL. I can see people running now!


Kara H. - January 17

Rabbits - I will tell you that if you have life insurance in place to take the financial burdon off of them, it isn't as nearly as a scary proposition for them. Term is very affordable.


HannahBaby - January 17

If you arent religious then why would you have your child baptised?


ash2 - January 17

Well i am very religious but it isnt in our religion to have god-parents. We just call it someone that will take care of them as a guardian. Ya know ?? i really dont know who would get them !


sahmof3 - January 17

We don't have any godparents either. In our will my parents get the kids if we both die at the same time and they get dh's life insurance money, too. I feel good about the way my parents would raise them (parenting style, religion, etc.) and there's really no one else I would feel comfortable with to raise them, but I hope it doesn't happen... that would be a lot for my parents to handle at their age (my dad's about to turn 60, my mom's 53). They are willing as of now, but, yikes!!...


Felisha - January 17

i am very religious in my own way i do not go to church for what i feel to be good reasons. i do not plan on baptising i will let ava decide when she is old enough is that is something she wants to believe in and i dont have a peice of paper stating who will take care of her incase god forbid something happen to us. my father will if he is able and if he is not i am sure dh sisters or my siblings would. good luck with your decision



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