Anyone On Nutramigen Formula

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Amy_mommy - May 15

anyone here baby on this formula and what do you guys think? ped said to put her on that since she has blood in her stool


YC - May 15

I would definitely use it if there is blood in her stool. That is a definite sign of an allergy. Our daughter had what the dr. believed was a milk allergy. We used it for about 10 weeks and eventually weaned her off the Nutramigen and on to Good Start. It was expensive but I feel it was very worth it.


marchant486 - May 15

My son was diagnosed with a milk and soy allergy and is on alimentum. I think aliimentum is cheaper (but still expensive) than nutramigen. We pay about 24 dollars for a tub at Babies r us. It lasts about 3-4 days.


Newmom - May 15

My two month was put on it due to blood in stool (ped thinks milk protein allergy too) I noticed a little difference, but not much. Am now back to bf and son is doing great! Sometimes they phase out of the allergy, guess I got lucky.


Newmom - May 15

two month old that is


nic nac - May 16

Amy_mommy if your dr. says to use it then give it a try. That is the only time you should use nutramigen (made by enfamil) or alimentum (by similac) both the same. It is very expensive but you gotta use it for the allergies. It will take between 2 and 3 weeks before you see how well the formula is working so don't give up.


Amy_mommy - May 16

baby is 5 weeks old & does shehave to continue to eat that until she is 1 year old? or could i switch to regular enfamil w/ iron once the allergy is gone?


Bonnie - May 16

Folow your ped's advice on this one. I know Nutramigen is pricey (you can find good deals on e-bay, and if you qualify for WIC they will pay for some of it with a Dr. Rx. She probably won't be on it over a year. Some docs (depending on the severity) may try to switch back to regluar formula at 3, 6, and 9 months. Monitor this one with your pediatrician. :)


YC - May 16

Yes, like Newmom said, most babies will grow out of the allergy. Our dd did.


dsmack80 - May 16

ugh; soo expensive, I know. We had to use alimentum for my son due to milk allergies, but he did outgrow it. I put him on rice/soy milk and vitamins as soon as I could with Dr approval to help reduce costs. Is it just me or does alimentum kinda smell like dog food? Yuck!


Kathyv610 - May 17

My daughter also uses Alimentum. And yes, this formula really smells. By the way, can someone email me regarding your little one's allergies..and at what age do they outgrow their allergies? Thanks, kathy


YC - May 18

Nutramigen stinks to and EVERYTHING smlls like it...poop,pee,sweat. It was gross. We started to wean off og Nutraigen and on t Good Start at two weeks with no problems so I would say it took about 9 weeks to ougrow it. Kathy y daughter Kai had a really red bottom and this mucousy.bloody stuff in her stoll. She was also extremely fussy. The nutramagin took away the redness and no more mucous/blood in stoll. She had reflux and colic so she was still very fussy.


Amy_mommy - May 22



Bonnie - May 23

LOL....pray you never have to go one step further to Neocate...eeeew. It makes Nutramigen smell like rose petals. :D



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