Anyone On WIC Program

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Amy_mommy - May 4

hi, is anyone here on WIC program? and if so, how many cans of formulas do i get if i am br___tfeeding and how many cans of formulas do i get if i am NOT br___tfeeding????????? thanks so much!


Bonnie - May 4

I don't think you get cans if you areb___stfeeding though I am not sure on that. I think you get mroe vegetables and things for you. For formula it depends on what kind you are on. You get less if baby has to be on hypoallergenics.


Marlene - May 4

I'm on the wic program and when I was still b___stfeeding I got 7 cans a month. I stop b___stfeeding and I have to go today to see how many cans I get now. Also your ped fills out a form and puts on there how many ounces of formula you need a month.


Amy_mommy - May 4

i'm in NYC & i heard if not b___stfeeding, u get 31 cans!!!!! 31 of 13 oz cans of "concentrate" just wondering if how many of u are from NYC??? it may be different in each state


Maggie - May 4

Hi Amy. I'm in NYC also and I don't b___stfeed and they definately give me enough to cover the month. You need to get a letter from the pediatrician saying that you will supplement with formula and how much you will need. WIC works with Enfamil, so whatever brand of Enfamil you need they will give you the checks for it. The only non-powder formula they give is regular Enfamil with iron, and its the concentrate. My dd is on Prosobee Lipil, and its in powder form. You will also get milk, cheese, juice, and cereal. Good Luck.


Shanna - May 4

How exactly do you qualify for it? Is it based on how much income you AND your husband make? It would really help us out since money is very tight.


meagan1227 - May 4

im in south carolina and i get just 10 a month. which is not enough so i end up buying cans like 2 weeks before i get them again. oh and i dont b___stfeed


krnj - May 4

Hi how do you sign up for the WIC program? I'm in NJ.


Amy_mommy - May 4

to qualify for WIC, it's based on your income...


Amy_mommy - May 4

dear maggie: my daughter eats 1 can of 13 oz. concentrate a day, and she's only 3 weeks old! did u have to buy formulas? which WIC office did u go to?


Rabbits07 - May 4

When I had my 4th baby I received WIC and b___stfed, but was also going to supplement. I was told that I could either get a b___stfeeding package OR a formula feed package, but they did not have a combined package. On the bf package you got a few extra gal. of milk and extra cheese, plus tuna and carrots... in addition to what you received when pregnant. I was told if I wanted formula at all that I could not receive the b___stfeeding package and would only receive WIC on myself for 6 weeks, whereas with the b___stpackage you receive it for as long as baby is on the b___st. that was in the state of VA and was 8 years ago...things may have changed or they may be different in other states. I'd call the WIC office and ask.


CarolA - May 4

Im b___stfeeding and using formula, and they dont give me enough formula. They only give me 4 cans a month, and he goes through them pretty quickly, especially now that im trying to wean him off the b___st. And i dont go for my next wic appointment for 2 more months, is there a way to let them know im not b___stfeeding as much, so i can get more formula??


Amy_mommy - May 4

as far as i know, NYC gives 31 cans of 13 oz concentrate of Enfamil w. Iron... that is if u are not b___stfeeding........ but don't know if u are b___stfeeding, i dont know how many cans. i heard ifyou are b___stfeeding, MOTHERS can stay on WIC until their babies first b-day! or else, mothers can only stay on WIC for 6 more months after their birth of baby


Maggie - May 5

Amy, they will definately give you enough if she has a full can a day. But you should really consider putting her on the enfamil lipil which they will only give you in powder form. With WIC you need to recertify every three months. You can recieve WIC benefits if you qualify until your child is five years old. They add things to your check as your baby gets older. I go to the office on Ft. Hamilton parkway and 56th. street in Brooklyn. You have to go to the office you are zoned for, and you can get that info by calling 311, or the hospital that you gave birth in. I hope this answers all your questions. Its a really great program, and is a God-send for me because my dd is on soy because of a milk allergy. The soy formula is really expensive and was breaking my budget. The people in the office I go to are really nice also.


Amy_mommy - May 5

thanks, Maggie!


AmandaManns - May 6

I am on the WIC program and I have never b___stfed but I know that if you are b___stfeeding you do not get any cans of formula but I get 31 cans of of the Similac Advance w/ Iron but if you use Powder I think you get like 8 cans a month. My son just does better on the liquid. Also if you are b___stfeeding you get your benefits as a mother such as the milk, eggs, cheese, juice , peanut b___ter and cereal until the baby is a year and then you won't get it in your name anymore but the baby will get some things. If you are not b___stfeeding you only get your benefits until the baby is 6 months old and then it will start again on the baby's first b-day. But you get the formula until the baby is a year old.



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