Anyone Opt Out On Vaccinations

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AmyB - February 26

i was wondering if any of you choose not to give your babies their immunizations?


flower.momma - February 27

No, my dd got all of her vaccines. I was torn for a while with all fo the scary reports going around, but in the end I decided that there was far less risk of her getting sick from the vaccinations than from the diseases they prevent. Those diseases are not gone, they are still present in a huge number of the population, and also totally preventable. My best friend from high school was not given immunizations due to religious reasons and ended up getting measles. She was out of school for weeks, and when she came back, she had horrible scarring all over her face. It really hurt her self esteem, and will be with her forever.


DeeJay - February 27

My dd is 6 months and has only had the hep. vaccine. I am not doing anymore untill she is older and then only certian ones. This is a hard choice, as both ways have pros and cons. You need to make as informed a choice as you can and then live with the results knowing you did what you thought was best, as both ways can have problems.


eclipse - February 27

I am opting out of the flu shot, chicken pox and the pneumonia shot, but getting everything else, especially the polio shot-my mom's brother died of it and my grandfather was almost completely paralyzed. I know it is almost eradicated, but it just takes one. The benefits far outweigh the risks.


Emily - February 27

WE did all but the flu shot. The flu shot always gives my dh the full b__wn flu, so we didn't get it. THe chicken pox isn't an option for us yet, our lo are too small, but we got everything else. The benifits outweigh any risk. But id do know there are several on here who chose not to vaccinate, one of them can answer you the why they didn't and you can deside.


AmyB - February 27

i am just torn my kids have been getting them like they are suppose to but i started doing research and i cant believe that i let them put some of those things in my babies bodies...some of the ingredience are scarey and some of the effects outweight what the disease would do to you..i dont know...


Ciarasmom - February 27

I'm in the same boat as you, as my Dd is now 2months and due for her first round of Vaccinations. I think I'm just going to delay them. I'll wait until about 1 or 2 yrs to give them to her. She'll still get some antibodies from me until around 6months. I just can't see myself giving them to her at such a young age, she is just so small still and I would be so paranoid with the reactions from the shot ( is she breathing ok, does she have a fever). My friend is taking a Pulic Health course in Edmonton and the head of health and safety is teaching about immunizations. Apparently they have changed the vaccinations a lot over the years. The mercury is now synthetic and the dose is lower than something that would be in everyday contact. There is no chance of cross reactivity between the vaccinations and the dose is not as large as it once was. He also told them that 85-98% of childeren are vaccinated in Alberta, and whooping cough is the one that is still out there that would most likely be caught. My sister waited untill both her kids were 2 yrs and they were fine ( now 7 and 5). You just have to do what is in ur gut and what you feel is best for ur baby.


LisaB - February 27

My ds gets all of his on schedule we plan on traveling when he is older and I rather do it now, I am not willing to risk it. Like Flowermamma said the diseases are not gone and with more people choosing not to vaccinate the more likely the dieases are to pop back up.


Brittany - February 27

I was watching 20/20 a few days ago and it was saying how some shots have mercury and were causing autism. Really, no one knew what autism was back then so when doctors started learning more about it, they were able to diagnose more children with it and the stats for children that were diagnosed as mentally retarded went down (the only reason more kids are getting diagnosed with it today are because doctors know about it now, it's NOT because of shots). When I hear about parents who opt out of vaccinating their children, it just makes me want to vaccinate mine EVEN MORE. Back in my grandparents day, there were so many plagues and diseases and you haven't seen kids with polio at all since then but all of a sudden, kids are getting sick again and it's because they aren't getting vaccinated! Even the interviewer opted not to get his daughter vaccinated for whooping cough and a few days later, his daughter got whooping cough! I just really think it's important to vaccinate, the little fevers that come along with the shots are a small risk compared to your child paying the full price of the disease for not getting vaccinated. I hate seeing my kids sick, I couldn't imagine seeing them even more sick with polio or some illness like that. Do your research, if your child isn't around other kids etc. maybe opt out of the flu shot and little shots of that nature. I have seen children die of the flu though. Good luck.


Lisastar9 - February 27

I personally know8 kids who have not been vax including my kids


rl- - February 27

I am in no way trying to start anything or put anyones choices down but I would be more scared NOT to give the shots then I am of them getting a bad side effect from the shot...I just think about the way things are spread around an example is this really bad stomach virus that is going around all over it is so easy to get and just about everyone that comes in contact with someone that has it gets it and I think what if that happens with something that could have been prevented by a shot. Like I said not trying to start anything everyone has a right to chose what is right for their child and that is fine by me but just make sure your not keeping them from getting a shot that could save them just cause you don't want to see your baby cry for a minute (not saying that is why your not doing it) just make sure it is for the right reasons know what I mean!?!


AshleyB - February 27

My ds is getting all his vacs. It's heartbreaking at the time but so worth it. I'd hate for him to come down with a serious disease because I didn't get him vaccinated. I couldn't live with myself.


ash2 - February 27

I would rather my child have autism than have them get serouisly ill or even worse like yeah, we vaccinate.


aurorabunny - February 27

My ds has received all mandatory shots, however I am very thankful that I chose NOT to get him the new rotavirus vaccine. It was supposed to be new and improved and back on the market this year ( it was pulled years ago due to causing twisted bowel in many of the infants who received it ) and after studying up I decided not to get it. Well sure enough a lot of the babies who recieved the "new improved" vaccine are suffering the same problem as before. Ds will continue to recieve all normal vaccines but for us some of the new, optional ones are iffy. I also pa__sed on his flu shot because our ped did offer the thimerosal free vaccine because it "is a lot more expensive." Which kinda ticked me off. I mean even if it really is true that there is no link between thimerisol and autism, if they have a mercury-free version why not just use it to be on the safe side and make us all feel better?? Grrr!



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