Anyone Out There With 5 Kids

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cattac - May 5

I was just thinking about this as I was answering another post...for those of you out there with 5 kids, how different is it than having 4? We have 3 and I want 1 or 2 more but I feel like once the fifth one comes along it's like a whole different world of getting an economy size van and stuff like that. Is this the case or can you still get by like the "average" family? Just wondering if the 5th makes a huge difference or not?


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - May 5

I don't have 5 kids but I grew up with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. My parents always had 2 cars. So we split up and went with different people. If we went out of town we tried to go with other people if not we had your typical 5 seater car. I had to sit on the E-Break since I was younger and my brothers and sisters had to get in the back seat. My sister has 7 kids and they had to get a van, but they didn't get a van til later later. I won't go over 3 kids unless I know all my kids can be seat belted in. So I say the 4th makes a huge difference and the 5th is just like having 4. But thats just what I think from growing up being the 5th kid and also seeing my sister with 7 kids and her change from 3rd to 7th. I say after 3 the average family sorta goes out the window if you have an average car. But if you have a bigger car, the change wouldn't seem so great. But thats car wise.


iemc19 - May 7

Hi - We have 4 children and are ttc no5 as of next month, so can't tell you quite yet the difference...but I'm presuming now that we have totally adjusted to no.4 - they're aged, almost 13, 8, 4 and 14months btw - that it will be teh same as we felt going from 3 to 4....Car-wise we have a ford galaxy - 7 we have the seat to spare (and means we cant take mil with us anymore...hee hee!) I have kept everything we've ever used from day 1 - as long as its in good condition its stored for further use...of course we do keep buying more...and I have far too much...but in theory I don't need anything....(3 boys, 1 girl)...I replaced my pram for baby no 3. and umbrella strollers get replaced as we kill them...but I have no big buys...Food wise later on....well yes as they get older and want more junk snacks...thats my expense just now...but I'm putting my foot down and making them go a whole lot they won't come back for I'm now stopping feeding the neighbours kids at snacktimes - especially as they don't give mine any ..petty but its saving me a bundle...Time wise...I think I'm very organised...granted my 12 year old is very self sufficient and in a rush he will jump in and help without being asked..thats nice...But I do have a strict routine of things that must get done every day and others taht are 'oh well'...We haven't had a foreign holiday in 3 years and don't envisage one for a few more years but we go camping every year and while dh and I might dream of sunny sandy beaches and lazing around...the kids have a blast in the tent....Personally we've adjusted to already having a 'large ' family - when the norm here is 2/3...and asides from the stupid remarks people make, having no5 won't affect us much at all....I hope!!! (come sc___pe me of the ceiling next year !! lol! )



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