Anyone Please I Am About To FLIP

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ry - February 16

I am sorry I have alot of posts on here the past week with my baby sick and everything (not sleeping, eating, etc) Well she will NOT eat and i am gong crazy! I have wasted so much food now, warming and preparing it just so she can slap the spoon and splash it everywhere. Its to the point where i am almost forcefeeding her, holding her hands down and sticking the spoon in her mouth. And I am feeding her her favorite foods so i know she likes them. What am i supposed to do now, we are going on week 2 with her barely eating anything. (She is still chubby and poop and pee are fine) So should I just let her not eat??!!! i am getting so frustrated.... :(


Momof5 - February 16

I would give her a couple of days without trying to give her any food.. She will be ok..When she gets hungry she will eat again.. You say she hasn't been feeling well, so that might be why she just doesn't really feel like eating.. I hope things get back to normal again soon for you and your LO.. :)


sahmof3 - February 16

yeah... I agree w/ momof5. Maybe she has a sore or scratchy throat? Anyway, when she feels better I'm sure she'll eat again. Her bottles or bfing should get her through just fine!


luviduvi - February 16

I would try not to force feed her. You don't want to scare into feeding when she is feeling better. Just let her eat when she wants and what she wants. Maybe hold off on the solids for awhile and just give her fluids. Sounds like she is pretty sick. Will she drink your doc if she isn't eating after a couple of days


ry - February 16

Thanks, i calmed down. I just had to walk away for a minute. i've been mixing a little mixed grain cereal in her bottles. I guess I will just keep doing that for now..


ssmith - February 16

Yeah, I would say not to force the don't want feeding time to become a huge power struggle, because you probably will NOT win LOL. You also do not want to create a negative a__sociation with eating. Hope she feels better soon!


MichelleB - February 16

My doctor a__sured me that as long as they are getting fluids, they are fine. My ds did not eat for a week, and threw up almost everything he did nibble on. He has gotten over it and is eating us out of house and home now, so hopefully you dd will feel better soon! Just try to keep her hydrated.


rl- - February 16

my ds does the same thing with the food when he is cutting a new tooth thru and when it finally gets thru he goes back to normal so maybe since she has been sick when she feels better she will eat again as long as you are giving her bottles she should be fine try not to worry ( :


LisaB - February 16

My ds is 15 months and right now he hasn't been eating hardly anything it seems to be a pattern he has one week he will eat like a pig (its crazy how much he will consume ) then for a week or a couple of days he won't eat hardly anything so I don't woory. I wouldn't force feed her she know what she needs and forcing her will become a power struggle like the other ladies have stated. I don't eat much when I'm sick most people don't when they aren't feeling well so don't force her and make her uncomfortable. Some days we waste so much food it irks me, am thinking about getting a dog to eat what ds doesn't hehe


ry - February 16

Hey! I was rereading my post and realized it sounded kind of harsh. I was just having one of those mornings! I dont force feed her but sometimes I will pull her hands down so she wont smack the spoon away and if i get the first bite in and she realizes it is something she likes she will eat it. If she wont or spits it out, i let it go. It is so strange to me (prob cause i am a first time mom) that she could go to eating a ton and almost whatever down to nothing within a week. I just worry because she wont eat any veggies or anything. Thank you for your rea__surance though!


Kara H. - February 16

Max would only eat very cool foods when he had had bad cold/flu. I'm a__suming due to a sore throat. He liked his fruit purees almost slushy. Same with his bottles - cold out of the fridge. He's better now but still prefers his foods cooler than before he was sick.



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