Anyone Puts Their Baby To Sleep On Their Tummy

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*leslie* - November 11

anyone puts their baby to sleep on their tummy?


me - November 11

nope! And you're asking for trouble with that question!


C - November 11

I did for naps only when I was in the same room with him. He started rolling over and since about 4 months he rolls over to his belly the second I put him in his crib.


d - November 11

My son too rolls over to sleep on his tummy the moment I place him on his back in the crib. He's used to sleeping on his tummy from birth because that's how I used to place him. He sleeps in the same room with me, litterly right next to my bed. If I hear him whimper I jump up right away to check him at night. I also have one of the lamps on to see during the night. I mainly had him sleep on his tummy because I did not want him to have a flat head on the back of his head and also I thought it was good for him to develop neck muscles as he turns his head left to right while he sleeps. And he did, by the end of the first month he was able to keep his head up with good neck control.


Ruth - November 11

Yes, but only for naps when I'm in the same room with him. He prefers to lay on his stomach, but it makes me too paranoid to leave him like that if I'm not right there.


Jadyns Mommy - November 11

I always have put Jadyn on her back but she has learnt to roll over and now I cant keep her on her back. The only way she will go to sleep now is on her tummy which has completely destroyed any plans of peaceful sleeping for me :-)


get - November 12

one of those wedge pillows thingies. Basically its two wedges you place the baby between them and it keeps them from rolling over.


here - November 12

is one kindbut there are tons of similar ones. Sleep 'N Secure 3-in-1 Infant Sleep Positioner by Leachco


to get - November 12

once your baby starts rolling on its own you can not use the wedges.


lisa - November 12

hi leslie, its not recomended is it? not sure why it seems to be linked with higher rates of cot death, my mum said we all slept on our front and the three of us are still here, id not be able to forgive myself if something happened though. does he not want to sleep in his back? mabie he is cold, i was told to warm jasmins cot with a hot water bottle before she gets in and she loves it


Steven's Mom - November 12

The second I put my baby in his crib he rolls from his back to his belly! I've learned to accept it,but it is a lttle scary. Many times in the middle of the night I will move him out of the corner and center his body in the crib. I was just reading What to Expect in the First Year. It stated that experts agree that a baby who is able to change positions easily is at a significantly decreased risk of SIDS. 1)beacuse the high-risk period for SIDS is generally pa__sed by the time a baby can flip over. 2)a baby who canflip is better equiped to protectherself from whatever it is about tummy sleeping that increases SIDS risk!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 12

My son naps on his belly. He will sleep better that way for 2-3 hours. He sleeps on his side or back at night with me. But I would let him sleep on his belly at night if he wanted to. I believe that stomach sleeping is often more comfortable and that sids is something that you cannot prevent no matter what. Lucas has excellent head control and strong neck muscles. Every 10 yrs or so the docs come up with new ways to put parents into a panic with how a baby should sleep. That is just my opinion.


Sonya - November 12

My first son did because that was the only way he would sleep. When we tried to put him on his back he would wake up within a matter of minutes. Over and over and over again. Eventually you and your baby have to sleep so we finally bought a monitor with a sensor pad that detects movement and alarms if there is no movement in a matter of so many seconds. This helped put my mind at ease a little bit. I still worried nightly but thank God nothing ever happended. Ironically now that my son is three and half he only sleeps on his back!!


get - November 12

Why not?


Liz - November 12

My son likes to sleep only on his belly. He hates his back and his side, so I let him sleep on his belly. He deserves a good nights sleep and if the belly is the only way he can do that, then so be it. Babies know what's comfortable for them and what is not.


katie - November 13

yes. I maybe asking for trouble, but that's the only way my son would sleep. I now also give him a pillow to sleep with (6mths old). I slept on my belly and that is what used to be reconmended. He sleeps right beside me.


Beccah - November 13

My baby is in the NICU and they ALWAYS put him on his tummy. They say that it helps him digest his milk easier. He's also hooked up to a monitor in case he stops breathing, so this may not even matter.



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