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Lavinah - February 3

Now that we had our second baby, we are DEFINITELY DONE! My hubby is looking into a vasectomy. Any advice? I hear that even a vasectomy is only 99% effective. Should I go back on the pill too? We really don't want any more kids.


Jbear - February 3

My husband is looking into a vasectomy. I had my tubes tied, but it seems like everyone knows at least one person who had her tubes tied and still got pregnant, so I think it's less effective than they really say. I know some guys who've had a vasectomy...apparently they have to wear a jock strap for a day or two afterwards. It takes a while for the existing sperm to work their way out, so the man has a follow-up a while later to check and see if he's only shooting blanks ;-) . Until his test has come back clear, you have to use another form of birth control. You might get on the pill until then. A vasectomy is much more effective than having your tubes tied, from what I've read.


Elle - February 3

Kudos to you both if you can even get your men to consider it! My dh acts like I'm asking him to commit suicide or something! Heaven forbid he is stripped of his "manliness"! Plus, one of his friends was THE one in a million or some such odds who had really bad complications from it and nearly lost his life. From what I understand, a vasectomy is a relatively "simple" procedure done on an out-patient basis where a tubal ligation is freakin surgery (I'm sure it wasn't too much fun was it Jbear?). Good luck with whatever you decide. Sorry I don't have any further info on the effectiveness.


Kris10 - February 3

Jbear, if you're reading this can you tell me more about the tubal procedure, was it really painful?... I'm curious about that, my dh is reluctant to go see his doctor for a vasc...


Jbear - February 3

I had my tubes tied while they were doing my c-section. I had some shoulder pain after that, which they said was from the tubal. I think it's a laproscopic procedure when it's done by itself. But before you do it, here's the facts I didn't find out until afterwards: 18 out of 1000 women who have their tubes tied will get pregnant within 10 years. It's more likely to fail if you're under 30 when it's done or if it's done during a c-section. 1 out of 3 pregnancies after a tubal ligation is ectopic. Sometimes the blood supply to an ovary or even both is damaged, causing premature menopause. A lot of women complain about "post tubal ligation syndrome" which you can google. I'll be honest, if I'd researched it enough before I had it done, I would have skipped it and had my husband just get the vasectomy.


Heather - February 4

My dh is going for his preop next week, and will have his surgery right after my 6 week check up. We just had dd #2 and are done (my pregnancies are too hard physically on me). I am the only female in m family without some form of cancer (had a b___st cancer scare just over a year ago) and the doctors do not recommend a tubal b/c it increases your chances for an early complete hysterectomy, menapause issues, hormone therapy, ect. You know, the snowball effect. Dh is not excited about the procedure, but he feels my health is more important than 2 or 3 days of discomfort. (I'm the one that had natural childbirth twice also!) The dr said if we were concerned about the reliability of the "snip" he would recommend a low dose bc. Dh will go back at 2 weeks and 6 weeks for counting.


Dana - February 4

My husband is having his done on 2-10. I could let everyone know how bad or easy it was next week.


sugar+spice - February 4

my husband had a vascetomy on dec.1st. it went fine. he was in pain afterwards down there, but he just had to take it easy and not do alot of walking or anything strenuous. hes perfectly fine now and has never complained. he never went back in to get his s____n checked, because it was too weird for him and i havent had a period since dec.7. so im not sure whats up.


Lillie E - February 4

well, my sister in laws husband had it done, and he had to go back in because they didnt snip the right one... i wont ask my husband to do that


Lavinah - February 6

Didn't snip the right one??? How many things are there to snip?


Jbear - February 6

There's left and right, because there are two t______es.


Erin - February 7

It's so funny, but it was my hubby's idea that after we have our second he'll go to get snipped....weird eh? His brother had it done last year, and everything went fine. I'm hoping it will be the same for my dh!!


Heidi - February 7

My DH got snipped before I gave birth. I was sure I didn't want anymore kids. He had hardly any pain. They numb ya up and give you some pain pills but he didn't need them. Sat on some frozen corn for the rest of the day and was up and running around the next day. No big deal. He had to be tested a couple months later to make sure there was no live sperm. They suggest the guy does you know what so many times before being tested as it takes a while to be sperm free I guess. Anyway, he did fine and now I regret him ever doing it cus having Emma changed everything and I'm trying to convince him to have a reversal!!!!!!! He thinks I'm nuts but I have a while to nag him about it.



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