Anyone S Little Ones Take 3 Bottles A Day And Solids 3 Times

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ImpatientMommy - March 20

What time do you do everything? I just switched my 9 month old up to solids 3 times a day because she was waking up earlier and earlier to eat and once I switched her to 3 times a day she was back to going all through the night. But having her take solids 3 times a day and 4 7 oz. bottles was too much, she was never really hungry or interested in anything. So today I thought I could get her down to 3 8oz. bottles a day and solids 3 times a day. She takes some formula with her oatmeal in the morning so she was only going to be technically down 1 oz. which I figured wasn't a big deal. But I can't seem to time it right!!! She had her first bottle at 5:45 which is usual and then I gave her breakfast at 9:50 (now I know I should make this earlier, maybe 9:15) then she had her next 8 oz. bottle around 12:20 but I can't get her to eat lunch and it's 2!! It's getting too late because if I have her have lunch now or worst any later she's not going to be hungry enough for dinner AND a bottle. I don't know what else to do to time this right! I'm getting so frustrated because I can't figure this out. And she's due for a nap around 2:30 and it's going to suck if I can't get her to eat lunch before that because then it's going to be REALLY late by the time she eats lunch... uggggh....


ImpatientMommy - March 20

It seems like whenever I post on this forum about a problem I have it solves itself the second I post something. She ate her lunch! She started eating at 2:10 and had the equivalent of a 2nd food container which is good. Still don't know what to do about tonight though... maybe try to offer her dinner a little after 5... it would have been 3 hours after her lunch... then not offer her a bottle till shes about to go to bed, offer it maybe around 7:30 and hoepfully she'll be hungry enough to have it.


pebblesnbambam - March 20

I give jenna a bottle right when she gets up (7am) then feed her breakfast... then she gets a bottle mid morning with nap time... then usually lunch she eats baby food... then a bottle mid afternooon and one before supper.. then eats supper and a bottle before bed. 4oz is what she drinks during the day and then 6oz before bed. I like to give her formula first to fill her up on the most important thing for her body right now.. then the baby food as extra. I stopped b___stfeeding last week since my supply was soo low and Jenna would rather pull or bite my nipples than try to get my milk to come in... and I have just been able to track how much she drinks. Good luck.. there is no right or wrong with these kids... as long as they are eating when they are hungry.. that is what matters.


Gretta - March 20

My 12 month old is on 3 bottles and 3 meals a day and one snack. 7:00 am first thing - bottle - she takes 4-6 oz. 1 hour later her breakfast - frozen waffle & fruit most days. Nap - snack at 10:30 (graham cracker or cheerios) - lunch at noon - 2nd bottle at 2:30 - nap - Dinner around 5 and bottle before bed.... This works out just fine for us!


ImpatientMommy - March 21

Gretta you actually gave me an idea. I think I'm going to try and give her lunch at noon instead of her 2nd bottle and then wait 2 hours to give her a bottle instead of the other way around. I really want her to eat her solids but all of a sudden she doesn't seem as interested in them as she used to but they really help her sleep through the night. I know I can get her to take her bottle so I'm going to try and give her solids before them so she'll actually eat a good amount instead of just a few bites.


GloriaD - March 22

My dd is 6.5 months old and her schedule is a bit later but the timing works well. 4 oz bottle at 10:30 am, stage 2 breakfast of dha fortified oatmeal or rice cereal at 12:30, naptime from 1-3, 3:30 lunch of stage 1 veggie and a portion of fruit, 5 another bottle 4 oz, another nap about 6-7, 7 dinner, usually another veggie or a sweet potato/chicken or turkey veggie baby food and the remainder of the fruit and at bedtime, around 9:30 another bottle, this time 7 oz. So basically some type of food every two hours. My dd is so small that anything she'll take in I'll give her. I also add formula to her baby food to bulk her up. She is 13#4oz. so she has a ways to go. Its so weird, she puts in a lot of food, she poops a ton and still she's small. We also offer a sippy cup with 1/2 juice/water every day and numerous melt in your mouth baby snacks like mum mums or the puffs. I give her yogurt but not much and not often. My dd also has acid reflux and I think she doesn't enjoy liquids as much as solids. I feel like my lot in life right now is her diet! Now if only I had more time for my other two children.......


ImpatientMommy - March 22

I FINALLY found a good schedule where she eats a good meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and still drinks her 3 8oz. bottles. Yay!!! Thanks everyone for your input =)


Gretta - March 23

Yea! Don't worry just when you think you have it down they mix it up again!! LOL



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