Anyone Skip Cereal Altogether

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I am wondering if anyone here go straight to veggies or fruits stage 1 instead of starting lo on cereal. And if if worked out.


Elle - March 8

We did! We tried her on it but it made her really constipated. Our doctor cleared her for cereal and fruit at the same time so we just bypa__sed the cereal altogether. It kind of lost its luster after that!! She has been just fine without it and the whole house has been happier too. Are you thinking of skipping it too?


k.p.j.e. - March 9

Hi. I already posted on a thread like this one but I will tell you the same thing I said...I have been hearing stuff on tv about how pediatricians are deciding that rice cereal/oatmeal is totally unnecessary as a first food. It's become tradition because it's bland, easily digested, etc. But it's nothing but carbs. It is iron-fortified which babies need but iron is found in many other foods. Things I heard are perfect for baby's 1st food are mashed banana, mashed avocado, and mashed up soft fish (I know that one is a little weird). Tbh, I started my son on oatmeal and he is 16 month and still eats Gerber oatmeal with a whole banana and cinnamon every morning for breakfast! He loves it. But it definitely doesn't have to be the 1st food or introduced ever. Good luck with whatever you decide.


LollyM - March 9

Ava didn't like cereal at first, so we gave her mashed banana (without seeds) now, she needs the cereal for the iron, and she likes it. We first tried giving her cereal at 5 months, and she actually started eating it at 6.5 months. They do need the iron at some point, so then you can mix something else lo likes with the cereal if that helps. Ava prefers oatmeal cereal over the rice stuff.


k.p.j.e. - March 9

LollyM do they need the iron in the cereal if they are also drinking formula/b___stmilk? Just wondering. I am still trying to get the full story on the stuff I wrote before you. Thanks :)


Emily - March 9

The iron isna't as big a deal if they are taking formula with iron added, like similac iron or enfamil iron, but b___stmilk itslef dosn't contain alot of iron, unles the mom is taking an iron pill, however even then the iron they get first hand from the ceral is better. We tried rice cerel but Marcy didn't like it much. Now we mix a little in with baby fruits to thinken them and she loves it.


Leilani14 - March 9

I skipped the ceraial. My ped recomended to start with homemade fruits first. So far so good, he loves fruits. I give him EBM too, and for iron I continued to take prenatals with iron, so we arr covered.


tryingx3 - March 9

Thank you for asking - wanted to know as well...


CyndiG - March 9

Lolly, I saw another post, it may have been you, that referred to a mashed banana (mashed banana, mashed banana, gimme that gimme that gimme that fruit! sorry, that flashed in my head when I typed mashed banana!) anyway, mashed banana without seeds....what's that? Do bananas have seeds? I'm confused!


LollyM - March 10

lol Cyndi, bananas do have seeds. You just have to take a VERY ripe banana and cut it down long-ways and you can see the little black dots in there, those are the seeds. They have too much fiber for babies, so scoop out as many seeds as possible with a spoon and then mash up the banana to a really soft consistency resembling baby food and feed it to lo, they love it =) k.p.j.e, I don't think the iron is as important if you give lo formula. Breastmilk doesn't have as much iron in it as formula does, so for b___stfed babies, the iron in the cereal is important.



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