Anyone Switch Pediatritians

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lily10 - November 13

Today my dd had her 4 month well baby visit and I thought it would have been much different then what it turned out to be. I felt extremely rushed and was not even given the opportunity to ask questions. Not once did he ask me if I had any questions. By the time I realized I would have to just start asking him questions he told me he would be right back and he came back in with a nurse and started prepping dd for her shots then she was screaming so I couldn't possibly pull out my list with my dd screaming from the shots. He didn't go over any milestones at all nor did he ask about her sleeping routine, furthermore he didn't ask about anything at all. My best friend has a 6 month old and she uses the same doctor and he told her to go ahead and start solids at 4 months but told me to wait till 6 months when I asked about solids, my baby is at the exact same weight as my friends was at 4 months. I just cant understand why he is giving conflicting advise. I guess I feel he didn't give us the time a day today and it was very disappointing. It just felt like he couldn't get us out fast enough. This doctor is very well liked in my community, he writes family and pediatric articles for the Boston Globe, he is also the author of 3 pediatric books so I thought he was a good choice but I am just not feeling him. Is it bad to switch pediatricians? I really did not plan to have to switch doctors when she is only 4 months but maybe better now then later.


lin7604 - November 13

it's not bad at all, i did it too as i found my other ped was over booked all the time, waiting for hours with a baby in a waiting room. He wasn't very helpful at all and didn't really aswere questions when i asked them, he kinda skirted around them. I got a great ped now that gives you the time of day and give you good answers to your questions! No regrets!


Krissy25 - November 13

It sounds like this doctor has a little too much going on right now. He was probably backed up with patients. I think it would be in your daughters best interest to find a different ped. It's important for the doctor to be asking questions about your daughters development and whether or not there is anything that seems unusual to you. That is how they find out if there are any problems and your questions are important too.


lin7604 - November 14

i agree theyneed to ake lots of questions to find out if they are on track with milestones, etc. My ped always asks us questions evert visiotand then aske us if we have any questions ourselves.


ImpatientMommy - November 14

Do you live in Boston? I noticed you said he writes for the Boston Globe. I'm from Revere. What's your doctors name?


DB - November 14

Make the switch!!! I think it's horrible when doctors are so impersonal. I had a bad experience this week myself with the sick-call doctor and NOW I know I can ask who's working sick call and tell the nurse I DO NOT want that doc. OUr ped. is great though...there are just some a-holes in the same practice...Just get all the records and find one you like!!!



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