Anyone Take Ambien

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LisaB - March 2

Does anyone take it? I am having horrible insomnia and my doc prescibed it but I'm afriad to take it incase ds gets up at night.


rl- - March 2

I have taken it before to me it was not very strong and did not just knock me out cold or anything but maybe you should take it when your dh will be able to get up in case you can't like on the weekend or something to see how you react to it cause I have known some like my mil that can take 1 and in 10 mins be stumbling to the bed and then she is out like a light but as I said for me it was not like that but then I took xanax for awhile and that really does not put me out unless I want it to LOL!!


SonyaM - March 2

I have taken it and did not knock me out pretty quickly. I actually stopped taking it very soon after I started becaue I become dependant on it. I didn't like it. Don't get me wrong, I love the sleep but I didn't like that I "had" to have it to fall asleep. This was about 4 years ago though so maybe it's changed.


Kara H. - March 2

The give it to their new moms while at the hospital so the can rest up while a family member is caring for the baby or while the baby is in the nursery. It made me nausiated in the morning, but I suppose it could have been from the hormones. I take benadryl. It is the exact same thing that is in Tylenol Simply Sleep and it is MUCH cheaper. One usually does the trick for me, but if I am still awake an hour later I will take a second. I don't have any problem getting up during the night with it. For me it last about 4 hours if you take one, 6 hours if you take two. So I usually go to bed without taking it, then play it by ear. If I can't fall asleep then I take it. Sometimes if I have to get up early for an appointment, I will take it premptively.


AshleyB - March 2

I took it years ago and I became dependent on it too. I "had" to have it to fall asleep and soon 1 didn't work, so i'd take 2, and it just got bad, then I was taking 3 and it made me completely loopy and I was hallucinating and stuff. This was about 6 years ago though, maybe it's different now. Just be careful if you do take it. It messed me up.


LisaB - March 2

Ok this sounds like a really bad idea but I need to sleep I have been getting maybe 2-4 hours a night. I cant be a happpy, good mom run a business and function on no sleep- any other suggestions????????????



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