Anyone Taking The Mini Pill

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DB - March 14

Have you had any side effects? I never had any from the regular pill, so I'm thinking I'll be ok, but when I had to take provera and prometrium I did feel a little loopy and tired til I got used to it. I hope it won't be like that. I have to go back to CVS and pick it up soon and I can't remember which one it is...


Emily - March 14

I am on the mini pill. It is Camila tab. I hate it. I have irregular periods and spot at funny times. That is the only side effect though so unitl I quite bf, I guess I will have to deal. I have ahd any problems with the reg pill and always had a reg before I ever took bc and while on the reg combined pill.


EMBERBABY - March 14

Well I am Loestrin Fe and the good thing is my period is now 3 days only. the bad thing is I spot sometimes not a lot and not every month but that didn't happen to me with the ortho tricyclen which was what I was on before I got pregnant.


kellens mom - March 14

I am on Errin. No problems at all.


tryingx3 - March 14

I take some generic - orhto micronor was what was on the prescription - no problems, no period yet either 6mo.


kellens mom - March 14

I have not had a period yet either...we are going on 11 months since dd. Something tells me that I am going to be in agony when it does come!


KLT - March 14

I take it but have no clue which one... I can't even remember to take it at the exact time each day. Does anyone know why they say you have to take it at the very same time?? I've been on mine a month now and each day I take it when I remember...and never on time. No side effects...aside from my own loss of memory. No period yet - am PP 5 months now.


Emily - March 14

KLT it is less effective if you do not take it at the same time every day. I did not know when I started taking it after the birht of my first that it does not work the same way as the reg combined pill. It does not nessarily stop ovulation (although it can) it makes the lining of you uterus thiner and it makes your cervical mucus less friendly to sperm. This is what mainly prevents pregnancy. If you forget to take it regularly, it may not have the desired effect on the cm and you can get pregnant. I know it happened to me….I am much more careful this time. Also if you are bf, then you may not have a period as long as you continue to do so, if you don’t, I would take a test and if neg, concider yourself lucky for not having one….I didn't have one for 6 mos and then I started and it was very irregular….(I bf both my girls….well still bf my youngest who is 9 mos)


RJ22 - March 14

KLT - I believe that the hormone it releases only lasts for exactly 24 hours, requiring you to take the pill at the same time everyday. I am on Nora-be (or something like that), and it is working great so far. I am 10.5 mths pp and haven't gotten my period back yet either. I haven't noticed any side effects as of yet.


DB - March 14

Oh, so you don't get any type of period on this usually, didn't know that and of course I was in such a rush home that I forgot to stop and pick it up..dang it!! I have to go try on and pick out a dress for a wedding I'm a bridesmaid in this June tonight (yay, this should be interesting)so maybe I'll swing by and get it so I can start taking it at bedtime. Me and dh haven't done the deed yet...I was too scared until the doc gave me the ok, which we got!! Whoo hoo!! He's stoked, lol...


Emily - March 15

DB, you do get your period, or most woman do, but it can be irregular when normually you wouldn't be...


Renea - March 15

I took it after my 3rd child--didn't have a period the whole year I was on it. Did have spotting though periodically. But yes, you have to try to take it the same time or it isn't as effective--as Emily already stated.


KLT - March 15

Arg. Thanks for your input everyone. Its just very difficult to remember. I do try though..every day I tell myself but almost every day I forget when it comes time. What other options are there? I know the depo... what are the side effects of that? Of course i know its different for everyone..


tryingx3 - March 15

KLT - put it beside something you do every day at about the same time, your alarm clock, your toothbrush, etc...


LisaB - March 15

I was taking the Errin tab and also had break thru bleeding my doc said that is becuz it wasnt working well for me and that could up my chances of getting preggo and switched me onto another pill that made me horrible ill. Dh and I are back to the pull and pray method I have never been sick from the pill b4 but the last one I was on was horrible my other choice was the mini pill but that wasnt working so options are slim. We want another baby soon so if it were to happen thats ok. Just be real careful that you take the mini pill on time!! Other options are the nuva ring.



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