Anyone Transition Off Dr Brown S Successfully

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Nerdy Girl - June 20

I am wondering if anyone made a successful transition from Dr. Brown's bottles to something else? My son will be 7 months old in a couple of days and has been on Dr. Brown's bottles since 3 months or so due to severe gas problems. The Dr. Brown's are great, but I think he needs more volume per feeding. I have noticed that my son's digestive tract seems to have matured a bit because he is less gassy and burps a lot less. But the 8 oz Dr. Brown's bottles only allow us to mix 7 oz at a time. If you add more, then the powder is too high and it's too hard to mix well. I think that my son would take a little more at each feeding but it seems sort of inconvenient to have to stop and make another couple of ounces for him when he is so relaxed and sleepy after the first 7 oz. I know that Avent makes an 11oz bottle. Just curious if anyone made a successful swtich from the Dr. Browns.


Ang - June 20

I had the same problem with mixing with the Insulated Bottles by Playtex so I bought an cheap Gerber bottle and used that for mizing -- it goes to 9oz I think so it made it a lot easier. I never used Dr. Browns so I'm not sure if that would be any help.


Kel - June 20

I know this may be a ha__sle, but what if you mix it in something else. I know a lot of people pre-mix all the formula they need for the day and keep it in the fridge in a rubbermaid container. I know it may be an extra step, but it would save you from having to buy all new bottles, when in a couple of months your ds will be on regular milk or maybe even a sippy cup. We use DB ourselves, but my dd needs the ready to feed formula. But I also had your concern as well when we were using the powder.


ssmith - June 20

Nerdy Girl--I am only asking this because I am a first time mom and have a LOT of questions about EVERYTHING...and will probably experience this when my daughter gets older, but is your son eating solids of any kind? I don't know much about 7 month old babies...but 11 oz. of fluid just seems like so much at one feeding.


HannahBaby - June 20

I would wait a little longer before you took him off the dr browns. I never gave my daughter more than 8oz at a time. espically if he was really ga__sy you dont want him to over eat and puke it all up. I agree with getting one new bottle to mix with, or you can mix it in a cup (stir with spoon) or you can premake the formula for the next day. Good luck


Nerdy Girl - June 20

SSmith, My son is on solids but he is not consistent with actually eating them. LOL. We offer him 3 meals of solids each day, and sometimes he eats them and sometimes he refuses. You would not think this kid has any problem eating because he is so huge. I don't think he would take 11 oz at a feeding, but he might take 8-9. And now I can only mix 7 at a time.



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