Anyone Tried The Diaper Genie 2

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ella431 - January 11

Just wondering if you tried it and how it worked for you? I'm thinking of getting something and not sure what to get.. thanks!


Terio - January 11

I have it, l-o-v-e it. It saves me a trip running downstairs every time I change my daughter, and I remove the sack on trash day ~Voila. Very, very little work involved. I never used Diaper Genie I, only Diaper Genie II, but others have told me this second model is improved as far as trapping odor. And yes, I've never, ever smelled anything from it. Definitely worth it, Ella!


Gretta - January 11

I love mine! LOVE IT! I have never smelled anything either and sure you have to pay for the refills but its clean, quick and easy. I am so glad I bought this and not something else.


jodie - January 12

My daughter is almost 6 months old and we ditched ours a few months ago. It didn't hold the smell very well at almost seemed to magnify the smell. Anyways, we switched to to some cloth diapers called Fuzzi Bunz and I looove them so I don't need my diaper genie any more anyways. It would also seem like it was full after like 2 days of diapers...pain in the b___t!


emfine99 - January 12

I got it as a shower gift and I LOOOOOVE it!! I have it upstairs in my baby's room. I don't empty it every day because we aren't up there as much as we are downstairs, but it's much better than a trash can! It really keeps the smell out! After hearing such bad things about the diaper genie 1, I was hesitant, but I really do think it's a great invention! MUUUUCH better than a trash can for sure! :-)


Tracy88 - January 12

I have the First Years Clean Air Odor free diaper disposal, and I couldn't have asked for a better product as far as odor. I had it in the nursery, but I change more poopy diapers downstairs, so I moved it into the family room and it is definitely keeping those poops out of the kitchen garbage can with no odor in the living room.


2007baby - January 12

best invention ever! i really can't imagine not having ours. All my friends suggested it, i'm so glad I gave in and listened!


sfrog68 - January 13

I have the Diaper Genie II and love it. I was hesitant at 1st because I had the DG I with my gs 12 years ago and Hated it. But I love the DGII no smell and works great.


ImpatientMommy - January 13

I don't understand the point of the diaper genie. I bought the Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail. It was $14.99 and requires no refills of any kind. I just put a trash bag in there, tie the diaper in a plastic shopping bag (like what you get at the grocery store) and throw it in the pail. I empty it on trash day and I've never smelt anything from it. It comes with a "Deodorizer Compartment" and it came with something to put in it but that has run out so there has been no deodorizer in there for months and I still haven't smelt anything from it. I don't think the diaper genie is worth the effort or money.


PinkandBlue - January 13

not worth the effort, ImpatientMommy? There is no effort and its self contained, unlike your open trash sacks inside of the Diaper Pail. Everyone has their own opinion but for $15 more the Diaper Genie is miles ahead, no comparison.


ImpatientMommy - January 13

haha okay... I wasn't trying to start a fight or anything so let's juat calm down... no need to get all wound up over a diaper pail. I guess "effort" was the wrong word, sorry. What I mean is I just don't think a diaper genie is absolutely necessary. I don't really know what you're talking about when you say it's "self contained unlike your open trash sacks" by trash sack I think you mean garbage bag or trash bag? I don't just throw the diaper in there, I tie it real tight in another plastic bag and just drop it in.


PinkandBlue - January 13

I wasn't wound up over your Diaper Pale..... LOL. Sorry you took it that way...? I was just answering the lady's question like you were and giving my opinion on why I liked the Genie better. Good luck with yours if you like it.


NatashaV - January 13

I love friends all told me to get the DG1, but I think DG II is way better. The DG1 SMELLS strong like overly sweet baby powder - gag! (i'm scent sensitive). So far, ours doesn't smell at ALL. I'm told to wait till baby is older though, when they're diapers smell worse, I guess the Genie will too.


chrissi79 - January 13

I have this one and love it!


maryg - January 14

I have it and wouldn't recommend it. The design might help a bit with smell, but it's not worth the expense and the frequent bag changes. I'm thinking of getting rid of ours and using a regular trash can!



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