Anyone Tried The New Wal Mart Parent S Choice Diapers

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ssmith - February 21

I noticed that Wal-Mart has a new kind of diaper, I think they are called "Scooter's." I didn't really read the package too closely because dd was making her screech owl I felt rushed. Anyway, I am thinking that maybe they are trying to copy the Pampers BabyDry and Cruisers and have two different styles of diapers. If anyone has tried them, plet me know what you thihk....


aiden06 - February 21

We just tried them for our ds. Normally we use Huggies, and have used the other Wal-Mart (Garfield brand)...The Scooter's are okay, they are really thin, but have that elastic on the side for a more roomy fit. I a__sumed they would have more "padding" for a Scooting baby, as ds gets a bad rash from going everywhere on his bum etc... but I guess they mean more elastic for better movement.


sahmof3 - February 21

Where do you all live? I was just a Wal-Mart on Monday night and didn't notice any new kinds when I got my son's diapers, but elastic leg bands would be nice!


AnytimeLittleone - February 21

Ugh.. my sister in law loves them.. but she has average size babies... I have a monster huge baby, and they NEVER fit dd properly... theres not enough stretch in them.. and theyre really low in the rise.. We've had to use huggies.. but up one size from the box reccomendations.. (ie: she should now be wearing a 4.. but shes wearing a 5 during the day)....


Lisastar9 - February 21

We are going tomorrow to Walmart I will have a peek and report back to you. May buy them.


sahmof3 - February 21

Where so you live anytimeLO? Is everyone here from Canada? Maybe that's why I didn't see them?


aiden06 - February 21

I am in Ontario...they weren't on the diaper shelf, we found them on an aisle end...they are the same price as the other Wal-Mart brand.


sahmof3 - February 21

I'm in the US, but I'll have to look closer next time. I do tend to be very focused on grabbing what's on my list and getting out of there when I shop lol.


bradylove - February 21

Actually I just bought a package a couple of weeks ago in desperation. ds would leak every night, so I tried them and they worked! They are the only diapers he can wear at night that don't leak and, trust me, we've tried EVERYTHING!


Kara H. - February 21

How much are you spending on walmart diapers? I usually buy Sam's Club diapers ($26 for 200 sz 3), but I only go once a month so sometimes I run out. usually just buy Iuvs when that happens


sahmof3 - February 21

I get the size 6 Parent's Choice for my son. 52 diapers for $5.74.


newbie - February 21

I am going to look for them, I hope they are better that the original parents choice. On my DD they leak bad. I can put a fresh one on her and 5 minutes later her pants are wet on the sides. I a__sumed it was because they don't have a lot of elastic.


nickie13 - February 21

I found the reg. ones leak bad


Ca__sJ - February 21

LOL! screech owl noises. I don't know why but that cracked me up! My son does that all the time! I haven't tried Wal-Mart's but I have Target brand and they aren't that great.


CyndiG - February 21

Kara, does Sam's Club diapers compare to Pampers Baby Dry?


Kara H. - February 22

I would say so, closer to Baby Dry than any other. I don't have a pampers diaper in front of me, but I do have a Luvs at the house. The MM diaper has some elastic stretch at the top edge in front and back (Luvs does not) and the elastic on the leg holes comes up higher than the Luvs. The velcro tabss are softer too. As a said, I don't have a Baby Dry diaper on hand to compare it apples to apples, but it is a higher quality diaper than Luvs. I have been really happy with them. I bought a case right before Max got a gastrointestinal virus. We ran out of Luvs and started using MM during that time. I had less leakouts. The are really thin, but the can really soak up the pee! The come up a bit higher in the rise than most diapers. At first I didn't like the fact the were fragrance free, but actually smell a lot less like pee when wet than the heavily perfumed ones. I looked at the PC brand while I was at Walmart and the were only 30-40 in the package, so MM is still a bit cheaper.



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