Anyone Use Target Brand Formula

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AshleyB - January 17

Has anyone used the Target formula and were you happy with it? I notice it has the same exact ingredients as the prosobee lipil and very close to the similac. We were thinking of switching since it's half the price, but kinda nervous. Anyone have experience with these? We are feeding similac isomil right now, so we'd be trying the soy version of target formula.


kris313 - January 17

We were using Enfamil Lipil and switched to the Target version because like you said, its half the price and the ingredients are exactly the same. We haven't had any problems at all. I can't believe how much money we're saving!!!! I highly recommend their diapers and wipes too!


Shea - January 17

We have been using the Target version of Gentlease for the last 6 mos and love it. No problems switching either, and ds is actually not constipated like he was on brand name.


AshleyB - January 17

I'm so glad, we bought some today and I still have some of the similac isomil left and was thinking of mixing them at first to ease any adjustment if there were any. Switching to soy has been kinda rough too, I think he's doing a bit better though now. It constipated him really bad, and the gas and fussiness didn't change at all, now it's starting to get a bit better, but he's still constipated. I was thinking of trying the gentlease form if this soy didn't work. ** I love target diapers too. They are great and half the price also.!!


AshleyB - January 18

Anybody else? What formulas do you prefer?? Similac vs. Enfamil? Target, Parent's choice, Nestle goodstart?


Nerdy Girl - January 18

We used the Target version of Enfamil Gentlease, and it was fine.


ashtynsmom - January 18

We used Parents Choice until the Dr said we could switch to whole milk. DD isn't a huge fan of the whole milk, so I tried the Target version of Enfamil Next Step and it has been great. I prefer generic formula. It has the same ingredients for 1/2 the cost. There is absolutley nothing wrong with generic formula!! Enjoy the savings!!


Sarahsmommy - January 18

We do/did and I love it. We were using soy which I didn't like (not target brand though) I wanted to switch to the gentlease formula and did, then I found the target brand. I was a little worried about it at first but it's so good. It's the same thing for 1/2 the price. I once used the lactose free it's almost the same thing because they were out of the gentlease type one. We also are now phasing out of the next step as we are switching her to whole milk. I would def. recommend it though.


AshleyB - January 18

Sarahsmommy~~ so you have used soy, lactose free and the gentlease and your LO did best on the gentlease? My lo is on soy right now, and seems to be a little better, but I'm very tempted to try the gentlease but hate to keep switching. Was your lo just ga__sy? or was there another reason they were on soy?


Joanne - January 19

We use the Target brand formula and it's great. I've used some samples of the name brand stuff and found that it actually had more bubbles when I shook it up - I wondered if it would have made my ds more ga__sy... Anyway, we like it!


Patti - January 19

I don't know if it was a coincidence or not, but my dd did horrible on it. I switched her from Gentlease to the Target version. I slowly added the new with the old until she was completely switched. She started spitting up worse than before and was fussy. Again, it could have been a coincidence, but I switched back. Too bad, because it's much cheaper. My others took "off brand" formula fine with no problems. Good luck!



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