Anyone Uses Dreft Detergent

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Amy_mommy - May 22

anyone here use that for their baby clothes? does it really make a difference? can't i just plainly use Tide? does it really matter? anyone else use that and tell me about it?


rl - May 22

Hi well I don't use dreft it is kinda pricy but I use baby ALL it is about the same but cheaper I would say you should use some sort of baby detergent for the first 6 months or so babies have very sensitive skin at first I was all baby's stuff separate and I am still using the original bottle of the baby ALL so it lasts a really long time oh my baby is 4months old now


Lillie E - May 22

i used dreft at first. it DOES NOT get the stains out that a baby puts on those clothes... i just use tide. if your baby has a reaction to the tide, switch to something for more sensitive skin. maybe go for the baby all like rl said


Rabbits07 - May 22

I use Purex's not very expensive and leaves the clothes with a nice 'baby' smell. Like rl said, baby skin can be sensitive and some of your regular laundry detergents can be harsh. I wash my baby clothes seperate also as washing them with the regular laundry makes them look worn using a seperate detergent is no problem.


Jmom - May 22

I used to use it, but then got an HE washer and they don't make it in HE. So, I now use either Tide or ALL, but the free and clear kinds. I read before that they are just as sensitive


Sarahsmommy - May 22

Like Jmom I was gonna suggest using the free and all of something. It's cheaper then dreft and less likely to cause a reaction then anything else out there. My baby has started to get atropic dermatis(sp) so I switched to All free and clear and hope that helps as she has sensitive skin like her mama.


nic nac - May 22

i used it for the first two months. You can use any other detergent but you put one piece of the baby's clothing with yours and let her wear it. If there is no reaction after 3 days then you can wash the baby's clothes with regular detergent.


Shea - May 23

I use Dreft, and I really like it. I have not had a problem with it getting out the stains, and I do love the baby smell. I've never tried the other ones, so I have no basis for comparrison, but I usually buy it on sale and it's not too bad. I have such small loads that I only use 1/2 cap anyway, so it seems to last. I use Tide on our clothes and my son's skin gets irritated when he lays his face etc. on us for too long.


Shana B - May 23

I use Dreft and I like it. I love the way it smells and I haven't had problems with getting stains out. He seems to be doing ok with it so I'll keep using it for awhile.


Marlene - May 23

I use dreft since I my son was born. I like and it gets his stains out fine(and he has a lot of stains). It last a long time b/c only his clothes get washed with it. I don't find it to be too expensive. Unitl he gets a little older he is 3 months I will use dreft.


Marlene - May 23

sorry for the typos


JEN - May 23

I use the Target brand of Dreft and it works great! My ds has very sensitive skin, so I actually started using it for all of our really is pretty cheap. I usually pre-treat any stains with shout, and then completely rinse ot out before I wash clothes.


jas - May 23

I use dreft, but have read in a lot of places (baby mags and stuff) that Tide Free or any deterg that's comparable is perfectly fine. If you are worried about the cost, wash one piece of baby clothing and try it out... My little one does not have sensitive skin, so it does not matter what deterg I use...


Shannon - May 23

i used to but not anymore. isabelle isn't allergic to our regular detergent



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