Anyone Want Some Kids Lol

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sahmof3 - January 17

AAHHHH! I feel like I have the flu today. All I could do was to lay on the sofa with my fever and chills. I felt dizzy every time I stood up. My FIL had to go get my son off the bus. Luckily, the younger two took good, long naps and I made my older son play computer games the WHOLE time they were sleeping. I really wish I had somewhere to ship these kids off to when I'm this sick. Tonight I feel slightly better and even ate some toast (first food all day). So, no point to this really, just *wwaahhhhh*... need to whine!


ash2 - January 17

Poor gal ! Where's hubby ? I hope you fet to feelin' better ! I didnt know you had 4 kids !!


Ca__sJ - January 17

I hate that for you. Its sooo true that moms don't get sick days. When moms are sick they still have all thier mommy duties. I hope you get to feeling better. Get some chicken noodle soup!


sahmof3 - January 17

NO... just three kids. Seems like 10 today, though ;-) DH has them now that he's home from work. Yay!!!


sahmof3 - January 17

ash2- *my son that my FIL got off the is the same one that was playing computer games* lol. I was trying to figure out how you got 4!


missy - January 17

I totally know where you are coming from;I had the flu about a month ago and it was horrible. All I could do was lay on the couch all day--hope your'e feeling better:)))


Lisastar9 - January 17

General rule in my house when I don't feel wellmy kids are as good as gold.


SonyaM - January 17

Boy can I relate!!! We had an ice storm here in Texas and everything has been shut down since Monday night. No school for two days so far and I think the preschool will be closed yet AGAIN tomorrow. My poor son is going stir crazy and I am right there with him. My husband hasn't even been able to go to work in two days because all of the highways are closed. He's not even sure he can get there tomorrow. I am secretly hoping he can't so he can stay home and help with the kids but I know he needs to get back to work. We'lll have to wait and see.



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