Anyone Watch Their LO Sleep

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ssmith - February 17

I can't help myself.....I creep into dd's room and peek into her crib and just watch her sleep. It is so beautiful. Every once in a while, she will take a deep breath and sigh and big, long sigh. I love that. It gives me such an overwhelming feeling of peace to watch her sleep. I think to myself, that at this very moment....all her needs are met~~ she's warm, dry, feeling safe and secure, comfy, full tummy, totally content. Ah......all is good.


Ca__sJ - February 17

I know, I do that too. Sometimes I'll tell dh, "come in here and lets watch Isaac sleep" dh likes to watch him sleep too. They just look like little angels!


k.p.j.e. - February 18 I'm so hormonal...this made me cry a little bit! I love watching my son sleep too! But he really snores and moans so it's more funny than anything but it is the sweetest thing ever I agree!


k.p.j.e. - February 18

How old is your daughter? Does she sleep w/ her bottom up in the air yet? Jack always does. Just wondering:)


piratesmermaid - February 18

Oh, I love to do that. Especially when she falls asleep in my arms and she's curled up and nuzzled against me. That doesn't happen too often anymore, so I love to watch her. It's just the sweetest/calmest thing in the world.


Trac - February 18

I agree, watching your children sleep must be one of the sweetest things on earth! I have decided this new year to have more grat_tude and that is one VERY easy way to feel grateful. Sometimes I am even tempted to pick him up and snuggle with him, but I know better!


Deb - February 18

It's my favorite thing to do. I always check on her at naptime and before I go to bed. It sometimes takes my breath away. It is the most peaceful thing I have ever seen!


Alison - February 18

I love to watch my DD sleep (5 months old) I totally feel the same way as you described it is so peaceful and I feel wonderful to see her breathing deeply, sighing contently and smiling in her sleep - it's the best! If she's upstairs sleeping I will hold the baby monitor to my ear to hear her snore and sigh to herself too. But yes i love to watch her sleep :-) xxx


mandee25 - February 18

I love this too. It is awesome to watch the little darlings sleep, so content and loved and safe.


KLC - February 19

I do that all the time!!! Sometimes I even tear up!!! I love when he is so asleep that he starts the sucking motion - with no binky in his mouth. It always makes me smile because he is so stinking cute.


Emily - February 19

I still liek to watch my two year old sleep. If I am lucky enough to get her to sleep on my lap, I love to just hold her. She is just too active to want to do that much anymore. Marcy is also getting to the age where the only time she will sleep in my arms is when I nurse her.....I love to watch them sleep. all is well.


Nita_ - February 19

aw...this post made me run into my dd's room and watch her sleep!! Of course, I didn't RUN, i tiptoed in! LOL! It is the sweetest thing! :) like so hormonal as well, it made my eyes water!


jenrodel - February 19

Always. It is so adorable. Did anyone see that Pampers commercial that was playing around Christmas time? It plays Silent Night and is clips of sleeping babies?? It used to make me cry lol... emotional ;) I love the way my sons little mouth will move like he's sucking but there's nothing in his mouth, and the way his little eyes twitch, and his hands are so limp and warm and soft... aww, I'm going to run and watch him nap right now lol...



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