Anyone With A Jogging Stroller Need Info Please

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lexa - March 9

I am in desparate need of a new stroller and am looking into buying a jogging stroller. I want one with a swivel front wheel since it will be used for many things (not just jogging). I am looking at either a Schwinn or Instep Safarri TT. My question for anyone who has one is how are these on all terrains? I mean, do they go smoothly through grass, dirt/mud, rocks (not big rocks of course). We live in the country, so we won't be walking on sidewalks and when we go to my sons games, we will be walking through grassy fields. Any info on what you know or have is greatly appreciated! Thank you ladies.


ssmith - March 9

I have an Instep jogging stroller, only mine has a stationary front wheel. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It has shocks that absorb the bumps, and big wheels so it is really easy to push. We take ours "off roading" too, and I think it handles the bumps and uneven terrain quite well. This winter it was great going through the snow. DD still gets mildly "jostled" a little....but nowhere near as bad as in her regular stroller. One thing I have heard about the swivel front wheel is that it can tend to "shimmy" and wobble when you jog with it (i.e at faster speeds). Don't know if that's something you want to look into.....I don't have any trouble steering mine, but it is awkward in tight spaces.


lexa - March 9

Thank you ssmith. I looked into the swivel wheel and was worried about the shimmying as you said, but the swivel wheel can actually lock so it wont shimmy if you use it to jog. See, Im worried about tight spaces now....but this sounds like a great stroller! I really need something for uneven terrain! Im trying to get input before I impulsively buy one! (and then it doesnt work for us) Thank you!!!!


julie316 - March 10

I have an Instep 5K stroller.. the front wheel is also stationary and it is a smooth ride.. On the bigger rocks (not real big) it is bumpy but still smooth.. my son loves it.. on gra__s it is a real smooth ride. you will love it.



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