Anyone With Girls 2yo And Up Question

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sahmof3 - March 10

Do your dd's change clothes ALL DAY LONG? Leah has a ballerina dress up costume and my mom got her a lavendar leotard with lavendard tights and she is constantly undressing and changing into those. Sometimes she just feels like trying on other oufits and will wear like 6 outfits in a day. What a girlie girl lol! It's making me crazy.


flower.momma - March 10

Haha, oh man. Poppy is the outfit changing queen. She just turned 2 in December. It drives me crazy because she has clothes all over her floor CONSTANTLY. But, she enjoys it, so I let her do it. I got her a huge dress-up box for Christmas, which she pretty much fainted over. She wore a tutu to her cousin's b-ball game the other day. It is so cute. She loves looking at clothes, and loooooves frilly things. The other day I was trying to get her to wear an orange unis_x sweatshirt and she refused, saying "No-no-no Momma. Boy shirt, silly." She comes out of her room all day wearing funny mis-matched outfits and will say in this breathless voice "mom... Yook!" and twirl around. I don't know where this came from. I was/am such a tomboy, and I didn't buy her girly clothes for the longest time. She is denitely her own lttle person.


CyndiG - March 10

Morgan still changes at least two or three times a day! She's 8. I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel!!!! LOL!


luviduvi - March 10

I am in the same boat! I love it! Grace doesn't change that many times. She can ususally just leave one dress on and that is it but she has to nap in it or she goes to bed in it. We can't go anywhere w/o her fairy wings.


HANNAHs Mom - March 10

Both of my girls love to dress up in their princess outfits as well...they have a blast!


Mellissa - March 10

Rylee likes to dress up.. but usually she'll stay in the same outfit all day..she's more into playing video games.. i think I may have a tomboy on my hands.


KLC - March 10

Oh man my daughter is 5 and she is a clothes horse!!! She even like to go to the grocery store with me in full Cinderella dress complete with the little plastic cinderella shoes!!!


soon2bemomof3 - March 12

Well I have the complete opposite happen in my home. My 2 y/o likes to UNDRESS ALL THE TIME. She strips down constantly. It drives me crazy. The only time she has clothes on is when she's not home, otherwise she's naked. LOL


Emily - March 12

my dd likes to take off her clothes and put on pjs. She would wear pjs all day long if I let her. she also likes to put on dresses. When it was too cold outside to wear them, she would wait till she got oto my moms (she watches them whiel I work) and then she would change into a dress or her pjs. She is 2 1/2


Kristin11 - March 12

My daughter ashley turned 3 in dec, she loves to dress up too. But she is the worst with shoes, she will change her shoes 900 times a day and she loves her play dress up shoes and her little dress shoes.


BriannasMummy - March 12

KLC your daughter and my daughter are exactly the same. Brianna is almost 5 and she is constantly dressing up in her ball gowns and plastic high heels to go grocery shopping or to the mall. I think its funny. Brianna has loved getting dressed up and putting on makeup or jewelry since she was about 12 months old. She changes her outfit at least 5 times a day into her "ball gowns" or in silly little mismatched outfits that she thinks she looks cool in. She loves shopping for new girly clothes.. and she definatly refuses to wear anything unis_x. I bought her a pair of brown pants with embroidered flowers on them the other day.. she was upset with me because they were brown (she says thats a boys color).. the only thing that saved me was those flowers and a purse that went with it. I love having my girly girl! ~Kristin~



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