Anyone With LARGE 4 Month Olds

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Bonnie - May 22

I'd love to know how you do your feeding schedules if you have a baby comparable to my son. He is 4 months and is in the 97th percentile on weight and the 95th on height. So he is very large. He eats 32 ounces of formula easy and has been started on solids early since he was so darned hungry due to hs size. He has taken to solids well. He takes about 3/4 to 1 small jar 3 times a day (we are still testing out first foods. He has had all cereals, pears, prunes, and carrots so far). After about 3/4 of a jar he starts getting fussy. He will eat more if I give it to him but I think he prefers the bottle. Plus he is still obviously trying to adapt to solids and his stools get "slightly" constipated so I am hesitant to force anymore solids on a 4 month old. But he is so hungry all the time. (He won't take a bottle with his solids.) I know generally we stop at 32 ounces and start giving more and more solids, but I am thinking of just giving him more formual and letting him just snack on his jar foods here and there. I just wondered how you fed your babies and what kind of a schedule you are on if you have a 4 month old almost out of the normal range on weight and height. Thanks!


JEN - May 22

Hi Bonnie...are you the Bonnie with Mason? Just wondering! Anyway, My ds is nearly 6 months now, but at his 4month apt he was in the 94% for weight and 92% for height. Our doctor said that he should eat between 30-36 oz of formula per day and if he was still hungry he could begin fruits/veggies ( we have been on rice cereal since almost 3 months due to reflux). At the beginning he was resistant to solids some days and took them great other days. Now he typically eats about 40oz of formula per day in 8oz portions along with 2-3 solid feedings per day (5 TBSP of cereal mixed with formula and 1/2 of a plastic container of veggies/fruit) at each meal. I know that this is a lot, but our ped says he is nice and healthy- just a big boy LOL!


Marlene - May 22

Hi Bonnie my ds is only 3months so he doesnt eat solids but I just wanted to tell you that my doctor as well as myself believe when a baby is hungry feed them. So saying that if you think your son needs more formula and will do better I would go with more formula. After all MOST of the time moms know best when it comes to their children. I hope I was able to help you a little bit.


Bonnie - May 22

Thanks guys :D Yep jen, I am the one with Mason. I think I am just going to give him more formula. He's just a hungry guy.


meagan1227 - May 22

my son is 4 months but he will be 5 months on the 27th. he weighs 21 lbs and is 26 inches long at his 4 months check up, he eats 6 ounces every 4 or 5 hours, his peditirician said it was okay for him to start eating solids, but she told me not to cut down even though he is eating solids.


AmandaManns - May 22

My so n is 5 months old and weighs 20 lbs and is 27 inches long. He eats about 30 oz of formula a day and eats about 1 1/2-2 jars of baby food along with 1/8 cup of cereal 1-2 times a day. Some days he is hungrier than others, like today he only ate 26 oz of formula and some days he eats 30 so it just depends on his mood.


Bonnie - May 23

Amanda, is the 1/7 cup before it is mixed or after? What times do you feed solids verses formula? Thanks!


QQ - May 23

Hi Bonnie, I was wondering the same questions regarding feeding a 4 month old baby. My ds turned 4 months a week ago and he was in the 85 percentile both on weight and hight. He used to drink about 4-6 oz every 4 hours before we started him on rice cereal. I stared giving him 2 TBSP cereal twince a day and like meagan1227 said our ped also say do not cut down his formula intake as babies know themselve whether they are full or not. The problem I'm having right now is if I keep the same formula feeding, then the additional 2 cereal meals make the feeding seem to be too frequent. I would like to know how other people feed their 4 month olds as well.


AmandaManns - May 23

Hey Bonnie!! The 1/8 cup is before it is mixed and I mix it with mostly water and then just add a little tiny bit of juice for flavor. Here is Kale's feeding schedule. He usually wakes up at 6:30 and drinks a 6 oz bottle. If he feels like it I will feed him som cereal after his bottle, he usually does not want it in the morning. Then he will eat a 4 oz bottle at 9:30. At 12 I will feed him a half of jar of some veggie(he has tried them all and loves them all except peas) and then after his veggie I will give him another 4 oz bottle. He will drink another 4 oz bottle at 3:30 and 6:30. At 8 I give him a full jar of fruit(stage one) and then the 1/8 cup of cereal. He gets a bath after that and takes a 6 oz bottle and is down for bed at 9 for the night. So on a typical day he gets about 28 oz of formula but some days it is 26 and some days it is 30. I do not think it has ever went over 30 but I know his ped said that it could go up at 32 oz. I hope this helps.


Bonnie - May 23

Thanks....but you can see where my problem is. Mason drinks 32 ounces of formula, plus the jar foods. He SUED to drink every 3-4 hours, but now, he is hungry evry 1 1/2 to 2. And he is too full to take both jars and formula at the same time. Yet an hour and a half later he is starving.......So at this point, he is up at 7:00 for 8 ounce bottle, cereal ( qnd 1/2 a jar of fruit) at 10:00, 8 ounce bottle at 11:30, veggie jar at 1:30, etc. etc......I am forever feeding him right now. It's like he has become a newborn again with these frequent feedings yet he is taking in so much.


Bonnie - May 23

Sorry about the typos, I am half asleep, lol. That was USED to not SUED, haha.


Rabbits07 - May 23

Bonnie, sounds like your guy may be going through a growth spurt.....or he just has a really fast metabolism. I believe I've read on other posts that he sleeps 10-12 hours at night? Maybe where he is going through such a long period of time without eating at night he is eating excessively during the day to make up for it?.......just a thought.


jorden - May 23

hi. my son was in the 99th percentile for both and his head is off the charts. He was almost 11 lbs at birth. His ped told me to feed him on demand. I started solids at close to 4 months becasue he was always hungry and ate almost 45oz a day. His ped said that was fine since he was a bigger baby and demanded more to eat...just to slow it down if he started to vomit up everything, which he did not. But he is 11 months now and weighs 26 pounds and is 34 inches tall. He's not fat at all. He is just a big, solid baby. So i would say as long as the baby is keeping it down then keep up with the solids since you've already started them. good luck.


Bonnie - May 23

Thanks guys, and thanks Jordan. He does not spit it up. I did try something new today that worked. I gave him the bottle before the solids and he took both with anice 3 hour gap in between. :) However, today was a wierd day and we were out all day so we'll see how he does tomorrow. I will continue that I think, and if he gets hungry in between I will offer more formula. I think the same thing, Jordan. He is just a big guy. He is tall as well so he's not fat. Just a big boy.


lynnstress - May 24

My son is 5 months old; was 15 lbs., 11 oz. and 25-3/4 inches long at his 4 month appt. I feed him a big bottle when he wakes up in the morning; 4 heaping T of cereal mixed w/ juice and water approx. 2 hours after 1st bottle; then 2nd bottle before his nap; 1/2 jar veg or fruit after nap; then 3rd bottle soon after that; then 4th bottle a couple of hours later; then 5 heaping T cereal mixed w/ juice and water for dinner (usually around 7 pm); then 5th bottle an hour or so later, then it's bedtime. When he started waking in the middle of the night a few weeks ago, my sister suggested moving the last cereal to closer to bedtime, and that seems to have helped a lot. It does seem like all I do is feed him when he's awake!



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