Anyones Baby Still Messed Up From Time Change

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ry - March 15

My dd is still all out of whack since the time change. I cannot get her to go down for naps without having her cio (which I HATE HATE HATE) and she wont go to bed until 9pm and sleeps until 8am (she used to sleep 8-7) Should i just let her keep on the 9-8 schedule now or keep trying to get her back down at 8pm? What do you think?


Shea - March 15

Yes, my son is still messed up, but it's kindof a good thing for us. He used to sleep 8pm-5am. I still put him down at 8, but he's been sleeping until 6am, yipee! I would try to get her down at 8 - we only had one night of fussing, and it has been ok. Last night he actually fell asleep w/ his bottle, I think because it's been so nice out and my husband has had him outside playing alot it has made him more tired. Naps are another story, my son only naps about 1 hr a day, if that, and only w/ a bottle. He's 14 months, btw.


kellens mom - March 15

Okay, a bit of selfishness is about to be announced. Dd has not adjusted. Consequently, instead of going to bed at 7:30 and being asleep by 8, now she is not asleep until 9. How is this selfish? Grey's Anatomy is on tonight and I know I am going to miss portions of it!


alverran - March 15

Wow!!! We don't turn the clocks forward until 24 Mar (we are in Europe). On another note, we just came back from the US visiting family and after 6 nights of heck, my dd has finally gone down at her normal bedtime... 7:30 pm. I am keeping my fingers crossed it will be a quieter night. Now we have the time change. YIKES. I am glad it was postponed.


Kristin11 - March 15

lol i know i still am. I cant get used to it being light outside at 8pm!! and dark at 7 am!!


rl- - March 15

oh wow I feel for you guys my ds never even noticed the time change he goes down at the same time he always has. I guess I got lucky or something.


k.p.j.e. - March 15

What I have done with the time changes so far is just try ten minutes at a time to get them to go back on their old schedule. Unless like Shea the new schedule is better for you! It sounds like it isn't though, so maybe the ten minute idea will owrk for you. My son hasn't seemed to notice. He always slept 8:30pm-8:30am, and it's perfect, so I hated the 9:30-9:30 schedule, it's just too late to wake up.



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