Anyones Lo Did Not Crawl

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Lalla - January 13

Hi laides, my dd is 10 months old and she is not crawling yet. She gets on all four from any position that she is in, then she swings back and fourth a couple of times, then she moves her one leg and sits down on her tush. If she is on her belly she scoots backwards. She gets around by scooting on her tuch and getting in the crawling position then sitting down - so alot of the time she gets to where she wants to go. She loves walking if we hold her hands and she takes nice high steps and is very happy. Now I was wondering if anyone elses lo did not crawl and what was the process before your lo started walking. Also what age was your lo when s/he started walking? She is developmentally fine in every other aspect so that is why I am not very concerend about her not crawling. We are seeing the ped. on Tuesday for another matter and I will talk to him about it as well. I was just curious to get some real life experience input. Thank you so much.


amyh - January 13

Mine isn't crawling at all- nothing close to that. We are trying to increase tummy time, but that might take a while as she HATES it. She is 11 months. She does love to walk around (but she needs our fingers to help her stabilize). So, if you find out anything, let me know!


Lalla - January 13

Hi amyh. I just read an interesting article on line about familes in Papua New Guinea. The Au people carry their little ones 87 % of the time until they are 12 months old and then the children start walking close to that time and they never crawl! I also read that here in the Western world it is also common that babies never crawl, but instead scoots and walks along the furniture and then starts walking. Crawling is no longer a milestone according to several articles. Even though I found a lot of answers online, I still would love if anyone whose baby never crawled let us know how and when they walked. Just sharing stories. amyh, is your dd standing on all fours or she has no desire at all to do that? It sounds like she is fine though, just waiting to let go of your fingers and walk by herself!


BaileysMummy - January 13

My ds is now 13 months and has never crawled on all fours. He started bum crawling at around 10 months old and standing up to cruise the furniture. It is so cute...he kind of looks like a baby monkey or a dog when it has worms..hehe. I wouldn't be worried, all babies crawl and walk at different stages. She may go straight to walking.


sahmof3 - January 13

My kids all crawled, but I never did when I was a baby. I rolled everywhere until I learned to stand and cruise and eventually walk.


rl- - January 13

hey I have another problem my ds has been craling since about 7 months but not walking LOL he pulls up stands cruises the funiture but won't walk he just turned 12 months a couple days ago and he has just started to walk when we hold his hands but for a long bit he refused to walk while we held his hand LOL he would sit down right on his b___t then go to crawling soooooo your lo is most likely just gonna go to walking and alot sooner ( :


dales76 - January 13

my son didnt crawl either...he b___t-scooted from about 6-11 months and was walking from 11 months on. its true that a lof of asian societys dont like their infants to crawl - they think that its animal like and therefore definitely unwanted. I also heard from my ped. that crawling isnt a medical milestone in a babys development because not all babies do it.


maryl14 - January 13

sounds like your lo is going to skip crawling and go straight to walking my 3 1/2 year old did that exactly how you explained it


ren05 - January 13

hi, my ds never crawled & took his first steps at 9 & half months old.he is now almost 12 months & walks so fast everywhere around the house. he was early with pretty much all milestones except for rolling.everyone used to ask me oh why isn't he crawling which used to bug me.he used to love being able to stand, we used to let him stand at the coffee table & then he slowly started walking whilst holding on & then just took off.i think it took about 3 weeks from his first independant steps to actually walking properly byhimself without to many falls.but one thing i did have to teach him was to put his arms out when he fell.sounds like your bub is doing great, i have heard both sides to the debate re- no crawling = learning difficulties but from alot of people i speak to that is not always the dh never craweld either & he is a teacher & has never has any learning problems.goodluck



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